A couple of weeks ago, I found four vintage bulbs and the idea was to build a special lamp.
As I finished my work my daughter said to me, Hey dad this looks like a Dalek from Dr. Who.  :-)

Step 1: Materials

Waht do you need?
A wooden case, like this on the picture. (I obtained it from a tools store)
A vintage meter
A Dimmer
4 sockets for the bulbs
A copper "head" for fenceposts.

Some wires and a power cable to connect the lamp to the mains.

Step 2: Building the Lamp

This was very easy, I thought but I found, that the meter has a 250V scale but the maximum voltage was 48V.
So I needed a resistor to lower the voltage. I calculated the resistor must have 7W to eliminate the voltage.
I found a bulb with 7W and yes, it is possible to operate the meter. :-)

I cut the holes for the meter, the dimmer, the sockets and for the extra socket for the 7W bulb.
Than I used stain to colour the case.

The cabling was easy:

From the mains cable to the dimmer, parallel to the bulbs.
And the meter wired in series with the 7W bulb.
The dimmer has a switch build in so I dont need an extra mains switch.

The copper head was polished and fixed with two screws on the top.

Step 3: Labels

I attached some labels to the case to explain the functions of each part.

Schutzwiderstand = protective resistor (for the meter)
Erregerspannung = voltage to drive the bulbs
Intensität = intensity

Have fun!

Horatius Steam
check it out
Awesome Lamp. Always enjoy your creations. I Admire your creativity. Keep them coming, Please!
Dear Mr. Steam. A wonderful lamp. Very nice! I love your creativity.
You get five stars from me, probably helped that I'm watching Doctor Who while browsing Instructables.
Thank you all f0r the nice comments. <br> <br>H. Steam
Very cool! how hard would it be to add a vandegraff generator to this?
It looks like, the head of a Van de Graf. Yes you are right. :-) <br> <br>But the quality of the wood is not good enough to hold the high tension. <br>Even the copper head has to much edges so the power will be drained. <br> <br>But the idea of building a Van de Graf generator is nice. <br>It will be a long winter, let&Acirc;&acute;s see. :-) <br> <br>H. Steam
What an Awesome lamp i love it keep up the great steaming work
Beautiful piece of engineering. I love your use of a 7W bulb, I've never seen one!

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