I made this old fashion style trapeze toy in the image of my friend Matt for his birthday. You can make one to look like any person or thing you like!

Step 1: 1. Body parts:

I first designed the body parts for the trapeze puppet in Illustrator then sent them to the laser cutter. You'll need a torso, two arms and two legs. I also added some glasses and a moustache that I glued on to complete the resemblance. You should include tiny wire sized holes where the legs and arms will join to the body.
<p>its very funny i like play </p>
<p>Like it! I still have an old one of these my Dad bought me very many years ago .. might have a go at making one. Could also use an adaptation of a 3D printed avatar...</p>
<p>Skimmed title and looked at picture... For a second I thought this was about laser cutting your rather awesome Van Dyke. Carry on.</p>
<p>Thats an amazing toy! So many intricate moves with so little mechanistry behind it. Baffling.</p>
The are so fun to play with,now i finally know how to make them :)

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