Picture of The Derby Hag (Hat/Bag)
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I dreamed up this hat for the Kentucky Derby this year. I wanted to create a hat that could be changed to match different outfits so you can wear it more often, as well as change to a bag to carry things if you need an extra hand packing all your winnings  from the big race. I had a lot of fun creating this, and love how it turned out. I now have a beautiful hat that can be molded to different shapes, has interchangeable hat bands for different colors and styles that are endless, and a bag if needed. Happy creating, and hope you enjoy. Its off to the races!!!! Good luck!!!! 

What You Need (This makes 1 hat/bag and 3 interchangeable hat bands)

A drawing of your hat and styles you imagine
1 Plastic circle or plastic lid that is at least the circumfrence of your head
2 yards white canvas fabric
2 yards black glossy fabric
Spool of white thread
Spool of black thread
2 1/2 yards white thick heavy duty ribbon
2 yards of black thick heavy duty ribbon 
1 sheet of hard white felt or flexible piece of white plastic (needs to be at least the length of your head circumfrence & 4 inches wide)
9 large feathers
3 large silk flowers
4 Inches of black velcro
1 yard of wire (firm enough to hold shape, but flexible enough to be molded- a wire hanger would work well)
Duck tape to tape the two ends of the wire together.
Hot Glue and Hot Glue Gun
Sewing machine and sewing equipment
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Absolutely fabulous! I love convertibles! :)
flyingpuppy2 years ago
That is TOO CLEVER. And I love how it looks as a hat! Well done!
Oh, that is so fun! I love huge hats like that (I don't have any so now I guess I can make one with this Instructable)! Awesome idea to give it two functions :)
Thank you!!! It was fun, and fun to wear. I had a lot of people that loved it, I bet yours will turn out great, you are very creative!!!! Post some pictures when you get it done :)