This Is a fun prank you can play on any soda drinkers. The main idea is that when your friend opens up a can of soda there is nothing inside. This prank is very simple and only takes a few minutes.

Step 1: Supplies

For this instructable you will need a hammer, a sewing needle, a soda can (full) and a glass
woldnt they notice how light it is??? <br>
I can see where you are coming from. If you are concerned then you could add salty water through a syringe, then they would have a real surprise!
That's what I was thinking. JB weld could be used to close the hole and it wouldn't leak. &gt;;-D
If I were pulling this prank, fizzy lemonade would be my substitute of choice for cola. This would seriously mess up my flatmate. So confusable when he has a hangover.
Instead of 1 hole in the middle, If you put 2 holes, one at either edge, it will be a lot easier to get the liquid out as air will go in one hole with the liquid coming out the other.
Wow, how interesting!
doesn't hot glue not stick to metal very well. especially wet metal.
Depends on which glue you are using, I tried this again and I chose a silicone sealant I bought at the dollar store.
i tried epoxy(epoxy fix's everything right) but it still didn't stick for long. when i put it in the fridge dew drops formed on it and loosened the glue.
If you are having problems I highly recommend a marine sealant, these glues are made to be super strong!
Simple yet funny - I like it! <br>You can refill the empty can (using syringe and thin needle) with salty/acid water. It will provide proper weight of can and an (unpleasant) surprise after first draught. The hole can be sealed with hot glue, wax or sth. similar. <br>Best regards and keep pranking! <br>P.
What a good idea! Thank you for sharing! <br>

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