The Displayer Operating Manual for LCD Motor Controller


Introduction: The Displayer Operating Manual for LCD Motor Controller

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When you received leaf motor ‘s bike motor kit with the LCD motor controller .Don’t know how to handle it.
For example: 36V LCD motor controller
1. Power switch
Supply battery, press power switch once, the LCD panel will display total mileage, speed , battery capacity and the time (time will be recounted once the power is on).
Voltage ≥ 36V four cells
36V > Voltage ≥ 34.5V two cells
33V > Voltage ≥ 31.5V one cell (flash every 0.5 second)
Voltage < 31.5V no cells (flash every 0.5 second)

2. → Next button
Users may adjust freely between different levels of assistant functions by this button.

3. Set button
3.1 Press set button once, “KM” light is on. At this status, the single mileage will be shown in this area. You may reset it by → button.;
3.2 Press “SET” one time under the status of single mileage, total mileage will be shown. Press it again , it will display single mileage;
3.3 Press “SET” for 5 seconds, the light is on. At this status, you may set with → the size of wheel diameter from 10inch to 30inch in speed display area.
3.4 Fault code
Eight status of fault instruction from 01~05, 07~09 will be displayed in speed area when the light is flashing.
01: Abnormal connection between displayer and controller;
02: Excessive current is detected in controller. If the status remains the same after restarting, it is certain that something is wrong with the controller internal power devices.
03: Motor three-phase power lines are fallen off, or motor is stocked for more than 2 seconds. If the status remains the same after restarting, it is caused by undesirable contact of three-phase lines.
04: Battery is at the status of voltage protection;
05: Hall cables are not connected, or incorrectly connected.
07: It is wrong with the brake lever cable when system is running.
08: The controller internal current will detect if the circuit element is damaged. The status will be displayed if it is abnormal.
09: The battery voltage is measured all the time under the working state. If it is > 47V,the system will enter into high-voltage protection mode, stop working.

Bike motor, motor controller supplier: Leaf Motor Technology Co., Ltd



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