Step 3: Measure, Measure, and Cut your Lattice

Just a note to remember I used a 40 tooth blade that is 1/8th inch thick, so for every two cuts I made I lost 1/4 inch of material.

Time to make the lattice.
If you have an extra 2.5 ft board left from making stakes GREAT!
If not you will need to cut a couple more.
Once you have your 2.5 board set your rip fence to .25 inch and start ripping your lattice. Rip as many as you need or just rip one at a time as you go along. I needed 9 2.5 ft pieces.

After you have your 2.5ft lattice you will need to cut some 1ft sections of your 2x4's. You will end up ripping these one ft sections as well they will be the horizontal lattice pieces.
Do you math and figure out what you will need or again just rip one at a time as you go along. I needed 36 pieces.

Once you get all of your lattice cut then lets move on to putting the fence together in the next step.
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