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While thinking of what to give my mom for Mother's Day to show how much I love her and how I could never repay her for everything she has done for me I was staring at a beautiful doilie she made for me years ago. I was struck with an idea! I have recently taken up crocheting doilies-feeling strong enough in my skill to attempt them-and they make a fantastic double treat as giftwrap!

1. Doilie
2. Ribbon (when choosing a ribbon length, go longer than you think you will need, you can always cut later)

That’s so easy it almost doesn’t need a list!

Step 1:

Picture of
First: Choose which side of the doilie is the outside and which is the inside. [Note: When choosing your doilie it is best to pick something with a close crochet pattern so that your gift doesn't tear it or slip through the holes.] Once you decide, take the end of your ribbon and push it through your first hole from inside to outside. [Note: When selecting where to weave your ribbon, choose someplace near the top and keep your spacing consistent-see second picture above-so that way your end result will look more even] This will be the end of one side of the ribbon.

Step 2:

Picture of
Next: With the longer side (the side coming out the side you chose for the inside of the bag) begin weaving the ribbon back and forth through the hole. [See first picture above] Since doilie patterns tend to be symmetrical you should finish with the end of each side of the ribbon on the outside of your bag. [See second picture above]

Step 3: Tip: Straightening Your Ends

Picture of Tip: Straightening Your Ends
Tip: If the ends of your ribbon don’t match up you can line up each end [See first picture above] and, while holding the ends in place, cinch the doilie shut [See second picture]. Continue to hold the ends tightly and reopen the bag carefully so it spreads across the ribbon evenly.
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atehzab1 year ago
this is so cute!