Introduction: The Dollar Ring #1 Dollar Style

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hi this is the first of the first

Step 1: Have the Resources

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hi.whats up guys this is my very first instructables. please forgive me if i make some errors.I am not a very fluent typer so just bear with me.

so for this project we will need

1 dollar bill (it don't look cool if its white)

and you of course!!!!

(this is just an idea but coffee with creamer yes coffee lovers that's right)

Step 2: Lets Do This (yeah)

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on this step we are going to focus on the edges above and below washington's head. so fold the edges on the top covers so that it half way covers up "the united states of america"and the bottom all the way covers the"one dollar" onward

Step 3: So Onwards(or They Say) STEP 2

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fold into thirds lengthy wise

Step 4: Too Complex for Ya

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don't know how explain dis so try to follow the pics. thanks for looking at this and hopefully you got schooled


Swansong (author)2016-12-13

Fun :) These used to be really popular when I was in middle school!

nickx47 (author)Swansong2016-12-15

pretty funny i made this instructable during school

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