I'm guessing you copied this from the film? would have been better if it used the same pieces as the one in the film but with Lego you never do have enough of the right pieces! .D
<p>that's why I use KRAGLE, so I never lose my pieces</p>
<p>Well... this is interesting</p>
<p>how does that work. if you're on the top, how do you get down to get a soda or something? and if you're on the bottom how do you see the TV? do you have to stare through peoples legs?</p><p>#evilpresidentquote</p>
<p>LOL love that quote :)</p>
I love it!! from the Lego movie!
<p>And not everybody could fit on my <br>one couch. I thought to myself, well, <br>what if there's such a thing as a bunk bed, but as a couch? Introducing <br>&quot;the double decker couch&quot;, so everyone could watch TV together and be <br>buddies! :) (Is that what it's like?...that's weird). Haha, love the Lego Movie! :)</p>
<p>Cool, it would be awesome to have a double decker couch in real life!</p>

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