The 'Dragon' Paper Airplane


Introduction: The 'Dragon' Paper Airplane

I have always wanted to know the real best paper plane, but I don't have much paper to spare...


A pair of hands
A pair of eyes connected to a brain
A piece of A4 paper (the standard printing size)

The original version is found here.

This is my first instructable so please excuse any spelling errors and don't be harsh on comments.

For those of you who find it hard to understand the text, the picturs should help

Step 1: 1

Fold your piece of paper in half vertically (FIG 1) then open the paper out and fold along the diagonal lines in (FIG 2), bringing the top left and top right edges in to meet along the center line as shown in (FIG 3).

Step 2: 2

Fold along the horizontal dotted line in shown in (FIG 3) bringing the tip of the paper airplane down to the center of the base of the paper as shown in (FIG 4). Now fold along the diagonal dotted lines shown in (FIG 4) to bring the left top edge and right top edge in to meet at the center line as shown in (FIG 5).

Step 3: 3

Now fold the flap that points downwards up so that its tip touches the tip of the paper airplane at the front. Fold along the dotted line shown in (FIG 5) to do this. If the tips do not meet go back and alter the folding so that they do. This is very important. You should get the form (approximately) shown in (FIG 6)

Step 4: 4

Now finally fold along the center line and dotted lines in (FIG 6) to give you the paper airplane as shown in (FIG 7).

Step 5: The Dragon Paper Airplane Flying Lesson

The dragon paper airplane is the best plane for trying to hit your teacher or lecturer with. It flies fast and true indoors exactly where you want it to go.

Just hold it about 1/4 of its length from the nose tip and throw it overarm as hard as possible where you want it to go and it will slice through the air and get there. Alter the trajectory of the paper airplane and you can make it dive out of the sun towards people or fall vertically down on their heads nose first. Of course you should be very careful not to hit anyone with this paper airplane because you may poke their eye out! (Seriously, that could happen if you throw hard enough and it hits the right area.)

Step 6: Video Alternative

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    You've just copied everything from then?
    Not appropriate, should be removed.
    If you've got a camera take your own pictures and write in your own words. The gif images on that site aren't that great anyway.


    Well done for your first instructable.