This is the instructable that guides me to SteamPunk. :-)

I found in a Gothic shop a dragon head made of bronze. I bought it (just for further projects), put it elsewhere and forgot it.
A couple of month later I planed to build a NAS - System as a central storage for my home. I searched around for some material to build a case and then I found the dragon back.
An idea came in mind to build a desktop computer for my younger daughter (She loves dragons).
As the material for the case I decided to use copper pipes and for the case body I used beech.

Step 1: The Parts

You need:
  • A dragon head or something similar
  • A mini ITX mainboard
  • A hard disk
  • A mini ITX power supply
  • A push button made of brass (may be for door bells)
  • Some brass screws and nuts
  • 4 red and one white ultra bright LED´s
  • Copper pipes and fittings
  • Three pieces of beech
  • Material to mount the main board, the power supply and the hard disk
  • Connector cables from the main board to the front panel
  • A 44 pin to 40 pin HDD adapter (if you use a 2,5 HDD)
  • 2 component glue for metal
<p>Absolutely wonderful! This will be great addition to my living room. Great instructable.</p>
Fantastic! Bravo.
I really like this idea :) I was planning on hooking a computer tower to my flatscreen &amp; this will give it just the right touch. Might try a Faerie version for my daughter. Thanks :)
Thank you for your reply. <br>:-)
So cool - I think you've just inspired my next Instructable :)
Thank you very much.
Nice and impressive.<br>I still work on my Steampunk Laptob and need one or two month longer to finish.
Wow! Nicely done! I love your computer case mods! <br>I think this is probably in my top five favorite ones of yours!<br>I love the idea of the copper pipe making the side of the computer - looks like it could be an old radiator or a heat exchanger....

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