I decided I needed to build myself a "DAIR" ... or at least a "SAIR" robot ... so I began designing parts based on using hobby servo motors ... they're everywhere and it is easy to program a Parallax BOE or HomeWork board or BS2 Stamp 2 module ... so I came up with a few ideas.


Step 1: A Better Design ...

After puttsing around looking at different 3D Plastic printers I got a 3D Touch ... it's pretty neat but quickly I found that designs for injection mold don't work so well for 3D plastic printing and so I had to begin redesigning my DAIR robot parts for 3D printing.  During this task I began to redesign the robot itself, simplifying the design and reducing the number of parts needed to build a Home Hobby Dual Arm Industrial Robot. 

Now I"m saving material and that means I'm saving cash! 

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Bio: Home Hobby Robot and Educational Toys Designer, Songwriter and Commercial/Instrument Pilot
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