The "Drone Fighter" Paper-plane!





Introduction: The "Drone Fighter" Paper-plane!

I am going to show how to make a Realistic Fighter-Plane that isn't too hard!
(Sorry about the Photos!)

Step 1: Tools..

A piece of printer paper, a good pencil(optional)
and a ruler(also optional)

Step 2: Making a Square Piece of Paper

(You may skip this step if you know how to, or have a square piece of paper)

1) Fold the top part diagonally down and make a line on the bottom edge of the

2) Open up the fold and cut along the line so you have a square piece of paper.

Step 3: Start Folding...

1) Fold in half vertically

2)Fold in half horizontally, open and fold down
to the first fold

3)Squash fold the bottom flap

Step 4: Continue Folding...

1)Repeat the same squash fold on the remaining flap

2)Fold down one of the two flaps on the front, open up again

3)stick your finger in the pocket and flatten, fold back up

Step 5: Still Folding...

1)Repeat the same step on the other three flaps

2)Fold up the two front-most flaps

3) Confusing part: Fold back the two flaps, open up and tuck in to 
make a small triangular flap

Step 6: You Get the Idea

1)Take the second-most flap and fold it diagonally outward to
make the planes wings

2)Repeat this step to make the other wing and take the two
flaps that were previously underneath the wings up

3)Fold the lowest and last flap diagonally on 
both sides to make the back wings

Step 7: Almost Done...

 1)Take the flaps that have a right-angled edge and fold them up vertically 
so the wings are not too wide

2)turn over and fold the flaps at the bottom upwards

3)Fold in half like you would do as with a normal paper plane

Step 8: Finally...

1) Fold down both wings and adjust anything if

Step 9: Done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Cool air plane, but it's really confusing to make

step 4?

could have been explained better, but I did it!

Outstanding! Oh and btw, do you have a video on how to make this? If not, I'd recommend making one, as it is easier for me and others to understand. Right now, I find this confusing.

Sorry no videos, but thanks : D

I don't get step 3..

Wow, that looks crazy. How well/far does it fly?

It depends on how you make it, if correctly about across a classroom.
I tweaked a little and made it fly across a hallway

Made zero sense to me. Horrible explaining on the first steps of folding