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Introduction: The Dry-Aged Beef Machine

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Here is how to DRY AGE BEEF at home using a DIY Machine that sits right in your fridge, using limited budget and equipments.

If you want to dry age beef yourself too, I strongly advise you to to watch 2 videos first : What is dry aged beef ? and How does Dry Aged Beef taste like ? , as they contain lots and lots of advices and useful informations to succeed in this adventure. I recently learnt new tips, I will share along this Instructable.

Step 1: Using Your Existing Fridge, or Not.

From the outside at least, Dry aging beef, It’s just a cooling and drying process in a controlled environnement IN SHORT we need to start with a fridge.

2 options : You can ( A ) buy a dedicated fridge : A brand new one, it’s gonna take some room, it’s gonna be noisy, it’s also gonna be expensive, especially if you still need to pimp it afterwards. Or you can ( B ) use a second hand fridge, which is definitely a bit shabby especially if you want to dry aged beef inside in proper conditions.

Using your existing fridge could be a good idea because : It’s cheap, as you probably already own one, and it’s clean (hopefully), Sadly, there are 2 main reasons for not using it :

1 . Temperature : opening and closing the door several times a day, make for the least stable temperature ever.

2 . Smell : Even if you do it right, DRY aging beef produce a specific smell, which doesn't smell bad but strong, which will permeate the rest of your food , and vice versa, your meat might end up smelling like bananas.

Unless you can build a dry aging machine inside your own fridge. A fridge inception if you like.

Step 2: A Styrofoam Box ?

Found this STYROFOAM box in a shop nearby, it’s great cause It’s super insulating

and also it’s pretty cheap : 7$. The only thing is that it’s a bit bulky but no big deal, I can feed on ramen for a few days.

We need to pimp that box to make it Dry-Aged Ready.

1 : HOOK

Meat can not be resting on a plate inside, otherwise the part facing down is never gonna dry. It has to be elevated on a rack or even better hanging onto a hook, which is the solution I am going for.

Step 3: Installing a Fan & Sensors

2 : FAN

Just mentioned it, but the meat needs to dry out evenly, meaning that we need an air circulation inside, at least for the first 2 weeks, or until a crust forms on the outside. For that : I am using a small usb fan, which I am installing upside down.


I must be able to monitor the beef cut without actually opening and closing the door. SO I am integrating in the door, a small temperature and humidity sensor.

Step 4: Handle, Closing Mechanism & Drippings


I will still have to open that door from time to time, so to make it more practical : I am adding a handle, a few hinges and a high-tech-sealing-mechanism consisting in 2 rubber bands.


As There could be some drippings, let’s install a Drippings collector aka Plastic container lined up with kitchen paper

Step 5: Drying & Air Flow

In order To further dry the air inside, i am adding a few silica-gel packets,

And finally to purify the air inside, and also to absorb the smells, I am adding 2 bags of activated charcoal.

8: Air Input / Output
I still have a few bags left of activated charcoal , and as they are a common filtering agent for kitchen extractors, i am using them to filter the input and output.

Step 6: ​Which Beef Cut to Dry Age ?

You need a pretty big cut, that will allow being trimmed at the end. Also you need the best beef money can buy, there’s no interest in dry aging a low quality piece. I am going for a Prime Ribeye with intense inner fat marbling and also with the fat cap still on : It will protect the meat during aging.

Step 7: ​Let the Dry Aging Begin...

I insert the machine in the fridge, and set it to maximum cold. ( 5/ 5).

My goal is to dry age that Beef ribeye for at least 45 days, you need to monitor it often during that period, so unless there's a problem, // why would there be any problem ? #haha // the next dry aged beef episode should a Tasting Session. I will keep you guys posted.



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    can this be used to make biltong

    Interesting. How is the process working for you? Do the charcoal packs really help eliminate the odor? We have dry aged a couple of times and I'm regretting the last one (we pushed it to 25 days) due to the odor. I can still get whiffs of drying meat and that project was before Christmas .