The EXTREMELY EASY VERSION of the Super Capacitor Flash light

Step 3: Assembly Notes

Picture of Assembly Notes
You can really go about this in your own way, but here is how my girlfriend chose to put this device together.  She wrote this section.

1) I soldered the circuit together.  I then made sure to add long wires in between each component so that placing each component into the flashlight would be easy.  I also made sure that the wires from the jack to the resistor, and from the resistor to the capacitors was thick and well insulated.  This is because the wires will be hot termporarily during charge.

2) I utilized the on board switch on the flash light to apply/disconnect power from the capacitors to the LED flash light head.

3) I glued the DC back in the battery bank section, so that I could remove the battery cover and plug in my transformer.  It just makes the device look more professional.

4) I glued the capacitors together length wise, and placed them in the shaft of the flashlight.  I then added some glue in the shaft to secure them in place.  

5) I placed my resistor at the top of the shaft.

7) I put the flash light back together.

Then, we both had a beer to celebrate this new fast-charging super capacitor flash light!


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