The EYES Have It!


Introduction: The EYES Have It!

I made.Halloween decoration eye balls for my husband. I crocheted each ball, softball size and added other crocheted parts to give them identity, they were then stitched together with varying their varying parts, stuffed and closed up.
I made a cats eye an alien eye an eight ball eye (from the movie Last Action Hero). I made a few normal but bloodshot eyes, in blue, green and brown. i also made a Cylon Eye, from the Original Battlestar Galactica episode, Red Eye. I made another eye ball with the iris hanging off and the veins showing behind.. One of the eyes was supposed to have the coloring of the Darth Maul eye. There is one pirate eye and when the patch is lifted, there is a scar were there should be an eye.
Each of these eyes were hand made by me and no pattern was followed. As I said above, they were made purely for decorations.. They sit in a basket on our coffee table...



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    my daughter does a lot of free form crocheting, everything from baseball bat pacifer holders to the skull on my keyring and turtle shells and hats that photographers go nuts over for infants. These are a really neat idea, thank you for sharing

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    Thank you for your kind comment! Wish your daughter well with her art! It is fun to create things just from ideas. I hope she makes some wonderful things and you all get to enjoy them!

    These are fantastic, did you make the patterns yourself or are they available in a book or online. I haven't tried crochet in years, but for these, I might have to try again. Great Job!!!!

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    Thank you!! You should try again! There are so many new yarns and patterns! I am sorry to say that I do a lot of, I think they call it, free form crocheting. I can look at something and then I try to make the object myself with no patterns.

    You can get a free pattern for a small ball and then add details that you would like to make fun things! I am learning how to read patterns better so I can make some clothing. I don't think a free form sweater might look or fit so good! ;) there are many free patterns out there. Go for it! Search the Internet, lots out there even lessons.