For this years science fiction convention I decided to go as a cyberman from Dr. Who. specifically, the cyber controller from the episode Earthshock. It took about 2 weeks to build the costume and about two days to make the gun.once it's done it is reasonably  light and easy to move around in. 
         To make it you need
  • Card board
  • Silver tape (the kind that you use on air vents and the like).
  • A plastic bottle, 3.5 inches in diameter
  • Red and black tape, or paint it isn't used that much
  • A silver jumpsuit and gloves (or if you can't find that buy some coveralls and spray paint them silver like I did)

Step 1: Helmet

I made this a while ago and it is what inspired me to make the complete costume. The Instructable is right Here.
Nice graphics

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