Introduction: The Easiest Bun Ever!

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I have really long hair that often goes up but it takes a long time to get my bun where I want it, and it often leaves my head feeling sore. this is a simple way to get a great bun!

Step 1: Things You Need:

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hair. (duh)
Bobby pins (i use 4 in this bun)
brush (probably helpful)
3 minutes of time

Step 2: Ponytail Time

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put your hair into a pony tail, as high as you would like

Step 3: Tie Your Hair!

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no, really! split your ponytail into 2 and put a knot in it like you're tying a show. pull it tight to the front out your bun

Step 4: Do It Again

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now take the remaining hair and loop it into a 2nd tie, this time pulling it to the back. pull it tight!

Step 5: Pin It Down!

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take the excess hair from the 2nd tie, cross it in front of the bun, and pin it down.

Step 6: Fluff, Secure, and Show

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secure any sides of the bun that have become unruly. take charge of that bun! I like to pull baby hairs down in the front and fluff the front up.


Step 7: That's All Folks!

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Lineakat (author)2016-04-26

i need to try this :)

That Redhead (author)2016-04-25

So pretty!

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