The Easiest Capris/Shorts You'll Ever Make!





Introduction: The Easiest Capris/Shorts You'll Ever Make!

The following Instructable features the easiest way I know to make capris or shorts out of an old T-shirt...just in time for summer!

The whole process takes less then 10 minutes, and is made without a pattern or having another pair of capris or shorts on hand.

Let's get started :)

Step 1: What You'll Need...

1. An old T-shirt (for my daughter, I used one of my shirts: a women's size medium t-shirt)

2. Scissors

3. Sewing machine with matching thread

Step 2: Cut Off the Sleeves

Cut off the sleeves at the seams.

Step 3: Cut the Shoulder Seams

Next, cut the shoulder seams.

Step 4: Cut the Side Seams

Now, cut the seams down each side of the t-shirt.

Step 5: Sew New Seams

1. Face the right sides of the t-shirt together.

2. Sew new seams around the arm holes (DO NOT sew the shoulders or sides of the shirt).

3. You'll end up with the last picture.

Step 6: Open & Sew

1. Open the shirt so the two seams you just sewed are together.

2. Sew from one end of the bottom curve to the other, to get the second picture.

Step 7: Finishing Up

Hem the top (or add elastic, a drawstring, or belt loops) and you're DONE!

Easy peasy, right!?

NOTE: To make shorts instead, simply cut the legs shorter and hem the bottoms. To make capris or shorts for adults, just use a larger t-shirt.

Thanks for visiting :)



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    After I commented I grabbed an XL shirt someone gave my son (he's M) and whipped up a pair in 15 min. Just need a waist elastic! Awesome! Might put ribbon at bottom too! For me. Not my son :)

    Lol ;) So glad you tried it! It's a crazy easy technique! Hope to see a picture when you're done :)

    Thank you for this! I have made tshirt skirts but I love this too!

    You're welcome :) Thanks for commenting and visiting!