Introduction: The Easiest Electronic Ignitor EVER!!!

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How to make an electric ignitor in minutes or less

Step 1: The Materials You Will Need

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You will need: a christmas light, a paper match, Fireworks(of course),and Tape

Step 2: Putting the Match in the Light

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First take the christmas light and use pliars and break off the top of the light so it looks like this, then cut off the head of the match and insert it into the light so that it touches the filliment like in the picture.

Step 3: Atatching the Firework

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Insirt the wick into the light so that it is touching the match had also.

Step 4: Tape

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Put one layer of tape just to hold the wick and match in place.

Step 5: Your Done

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All you have to do is put a 9v to the two wires and the filiment should light up, lighting the match, which lights the wick. Some advice would be to having a long wire between the 9v and the light because right when the 9v conects it should go off


CoolNerdDroid42 (author)2009-11-10

after use the battery goes off?

Nope the circuit would be broken, the electrons would cease to flow. Therefore the battery would still be on but the electrons wouldnt be flowing. Think a strand of christmas lights with one bulb being broken.

Divergence (author)awesaomeness52015-05-31

actually once the circuit is broken the battery will be off.

Nope the circuit would be broken, the electrons would cease to flow. Therefore the battery would still be on but the electrons wouldnt be flowing. Think a strand of christmas lights with one bulb being broken.

jimmyb0nz (author)2007-12-21

Nice work! I can definitely use this. I'm constantly blowing myself up. You can probably fill the glass with powder and it'll ignite as well, with a little pop to go with it. Someone water proof it and light a big boy underwater. I might follow up with that!

pistolpete3521 (author)jimmyb0nz2008-07-25

You and me both... I have detonated a few grams of powder in my hand on accident. good thing it was open. USE A LONG WIRE. I was blinded in one eye for about half an hour and my ears wouldn't stop ringing. It wasn't using this igniter though. I think this is a great instructable, maybe it could be used in conjunction with the cellphone detonator on this site to keep all your digits.

sci4me (author)pistolpete35212011-07-05

lol, sounds like me. :D

rrrmanion (author)pistolpete35212010-10-03

you can get microwave small detector chips (about the size of a small coin) which if used with this and a phone would be a simpler alternative.

Fireworks don't work well underwater but certain explosives do... And other certain explosives are heat sensitive, and christmas lights are the same size as a decent blasting cap... add some duct or electrical tape to cover the contacts... By the way the most powerful badboy (looks like a grenade on a rocket) works underwater if you aim it to fly into water theres about 80% chance it works and makes and impressive mess too!

Messy is definitely a bonus. if you're not looking to make one, why are you playing with explosives?

Make a mess? I like making mess in unorthodox ways hence explosives, I meant it makes an impressive mess like one to behold even if you were the guy cleaning it up...

Amen, do something worthy of the consequences.

Or simple justify the means with the end. Which usually means not telling them what the button does....

The only thing with blackpowder is it doesn't always ignite and it is very messy.

That's why I use home-made C4... much more reliable. KIDDING ! ! !

xZCodmaNZx (author)jimmyb0nz2008-04-01


Jolleyman (author)jimmyb0nz2008-01-04

That's exactly what I did while working at a scout camp for campfires. Once the glass top was broken, we carefully filled it with black powder, then dripped birthday candle wax on it. We later taped them into film canisters filled with black powder so they would light the fire, but I'll make an instructable on that.

Xyxaan (author)2011-05-23

imagine a whole light strip modified like this to a calliope of model rockets with contact detonated warheads in the back of a pickup truck... THAT would make one heck of a mess!

Xyxaan (author)2011-05-23

thank you for the great advice! this should make an awesome ignition syestem for my homemade MLRS cocept...

duct tape (author)2011-05-08

I used to use something like this years ago to make blasting caps, perhaps four or five years ago when I was a pyro. I would take one of the bulbs out, break the top part of the glass, solder wires to the leads, then slide the open end into a piece of a drinking straw. Simply hot glue the end with the wires, and then fill the open end of the straw with something flammable and seal the end. You could place primary explosives in the straw to make a blasting cap if you wanted. To set it off, I would detonate it with a disposable camera that I had modified. Sending 330v through the light made it sooo much brighter and hotter than normal. It even got hot enough to ignite thermite!

Sovereignty (author)2010-12-02

Quick, simple, extremely cheap. I've been using these for years. Good job LASERLACROSSE59. All the folks who can't get off the 're-usable' aspect are squeaky wheels who love to hear themselves blah-blah-blah. They're probably gonna blah-blah-blah about this comment, blah-blah-blah. Still, great job.

backyardmunitionist (author)2010-10-15

With a little imagination as to type of switche this could be used for some great tricks to play on people or perimeter alarms for a camp etc... You got me thinking now. You can buy lights real cheap right after christmas too. Nice instructable.

ilpug (author)2010-07-01

these are the greatest. i commend thee. again. soo economical.

Pader (author)2010-06-29

Surely all you need for an igniter is a high current battery (which you are probably using already) and fairly heavy cable (that is re-useable). The firework fuse can be twisted off and a small amount of wire wool can be inserted into the firework. If you are going to ignite a match, why not cut it short and have the wirewool directly in touch with the firework mixture. After all, if you are going to use a control box, the fireworks are likely to be securely fixed anyway. If the fireworks are not vertical, a small dab of silicone over the igniter will stop any explosive chemicals leaking out but will give a much quicker response time than heating a match.

jules15 (author)2010-02-02

i made a way easier and faster one here

cooldog (author)2008-01-30

is it reusable?

laserlacrosse59 (author)cooldog2008-02-01

no unfortunately

no offense but you could just light it up by using the match.

tippmannphreak (author)Colonel882009-12-10

Yeah, but this way you can connect the christmas light to a positive and negative power source (cap bank or 9v) and detonate your firework remotely. This way is much safer when you get into the serious fireworks

it is reuseable if the filament wire doesnt completely burn out (i've done something similar) but not this is not something for multiple usage.

finnster (author)PyroMonger2008-06-13


0000046644 (author)finnster2008-06-28

u could replace the filament with a strand of steel wool though!

beechy (author)00000466442009-03-11

probably not because the filament is made of a special type of metal that makes it glow and it aint steel i kno that

pyra_builder_1337 (author)beechy2009-12-07

yes but if you use the finest steel wool #00 i believe the 9vlt would still make it hot enough to glow.

1. roll of christmas lights $4.00 2. 50 firecrackers $2.50 3. connect each one to bulbs 3hours 4.plug it in plug it in priceless

Bl4cK_kNiF3 (author)david1029942008-08-26

Great idea.... i might try this...

amando96 (author)Bl4cK_kNiF32009-02-07

you can use steel wool and then it wont cost so much...

tippmannphreak (author)cooldog2009-12-10

Haha, I would say no.

You can make a bunch of them at a time tho

recyclebin (author)cooldog2009-03-07

as soon as you turn it on the filament burns so hot that it melts

d*** it! i wanted to use it again too...

pyra_builder_1337 (author)2009-12-07

you could grind the match head into a power to increase the surface area . it would be more reliable. just seal with a spot of hot glue, tape ect.

skywalk21 (author)2009-10-02

Make a stinkbomb with it. take a bunch of light anywhere matches and chop off the tips and put 'em in d'ere, put some tape over it and set it off.

AustenQn (author)2009-08-04

I dare some one to use black powder and a big christmas light.

turner22 (author)2008-04-15

one scary rendition of this is to get a normal sized lightbulb and poke a hole in it, fill it with black powder, and plug it in and wait for someone to flip the switch. i advise against it, but the link is

WhoTheHellAmI (author)turner222009-06-05

i advise against doing anything in the online anarchist cookbooks, because they were all written by people who know nothing on the subjects they are writing about...this jolly roger is a made up name to post such things under

vince086 (author)2008-04-05

does anybody know a replacement for black powder?? Something I could easily make or buy in a country where explosives are illegal?

finnster (author)vince0862008-06-13

You can make flash powder out of common ingredients. 1. go to walmart 2. get stumpremover and a magnesium firestarter 3. mix them 50/50 by mass or weight (they both work well) 4. u just made flash powder

vince086 (author)finnster2008-06-13

Any special ingredients in the stump remover or just the first one I see ? Wish there was a Walmart here !

finnster (author)vince0862008-06-16

potassium nitrate (nick-named: saltpeter)

vince086 (author)finnster2008-06-17

a, that stuff ! thanks

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