How to Peel a Kiwifruit - the Easiest Way





Introduction: How to Peel a Kiwifruit - the Easiest Way

I mean, it's obvious, isn't it? Or is it?

You may already think peeling a kiwifruit is easy - but unless you've been doing it like this, you've been doing it the hard way.



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Great little lesson there. I usually eat the skins, 'cuz I believe there's a lot of vitamins to be had there. However, I have alot of kiwi fruit that I need to dispatch quickly or lose (a friend brought a case back from California for me). Does anyone know if I could freeze this fruit? Thanks!

I don't think they'll freeze very well, unless you use them to make something you intend to eat in the still-frozen state, such as ice lollies, granita, sorbet or some such.

Hi there and thanks for the reply. I have a new dilemma - several bags of black and red grapes. Thinking I'll make a new concoction of grape juice and kiwi fruit juice to freeze and make a sort of sorbet. As these fruits are sweet and tangy respectivelly I could call it Sweet 'n Sour. ha!

I'm a keen proponent of the "slice off the top and scoop it out like a boiled egg" method of eating chinese gooseberries. It's more fun that way! :-)

You scoop out hard-boiled eggs?

i do it the same way except i cut it in half in stead of at the ends. ill go try quit nicely but my way works better for me

i eat the skin. saves time :)

wow..normally I just cut it in half and scoop it out with a spoon...or peel the whole thing with an apple peeler...and then eat it whole.

Usually I don't eat them. Just when they're in smoothies or something. By the way Mangetout, awesome video on showing how, never knew I could have done this... I used to just smash them. But that didn't let me eat them... it was fun. Very fun.