Step 3: Copying files from stick to XBox

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Once the Files have completed injecting onto the stick, you can now plug it into the XBox. You will want to access the Memory section of the Dashboard, then select the area where the thumbdrive is recognized (in the case of my install, it was Controller One). You will want to open that part, then press Right (->) on the D-Pad on the controller then copy the appropriate save file to the hard drive (in this case, The Splinter Cell Linux save). Now this will take a while again to copy, so its good to have something to do. This should take about ten minutes (blame the USB 1.1 connectivity of the XBox). when this is done you can check the hard drives contents in the Memory Section to confirm. When this is done, exit all that then remove the thumbdrive. Now load your Game and on to the next step!
sbutler64 years ago
I'm using a Dell 512MB drive that works great. Only problem is that when I try to load the linux installer it freezes and I can't figure out why. I've tried SID, ndure, iTools and various versions and all with the same results. Every time I remove all the other game saves from the hard drive and it still refuses to work. I am on kernel 5101 and dash 5960. Anyone got any ideas?
daiatlus79 (author)  sbutler63 years ago
could be corrupted. try reinjecting the files?
SanDisk Cruzer 4GB WORKS!
Just picked it up today at WALMART for $8.00

Also bought the PNY Attache Mini 4GB at the same time just in case one wasnt compatible. This one was not.
mordacon4 years ago
Do you know if a nexxtech 2gb will work
daiatlus79 (author)  mordacon4 years ago
actually i have one of the tiny Nexxtech 2 Gigs preloaded with all the hack files for doing xboxes now (i have a lil kit consisting of Splinted Cell, my Nexxtech 2 gig and my modded controller) so i think it could work
and for the games does it have to mech assault, splinter cell, or 007 agent under fire. Or can it be any game as long as its original like halo 1 or 2 cause i have 3 copies of each.
daiatlus79 (author)  mordacon4 years ago
it has to be those, as the save files are made for them in specific. now as well you can only use the first versions of MechaAssault or 007, but pretty much any version of Splinter Cell will work
ok thanks i got a bit of looking to do.
iamsanman4 years ago
Hello, i am at a loss for what to try. I have injected my usb drive with the appropriate splinter cell files, but am only able to copy the save game file to my xbox. When i try to copy over the install file, it copies & completes with an error message (cannot be copied). If anyone has any ideas I'd appreciate it.
daiatlus79 (author)  iamsanman4 years ago
delete both... reformat the stick on your pc.. then reformat with the xbox.. then reinject.. could be corrupted data.. as well i would check to see if there is much room on the hard drive.. much backed up music on it?
I am going to buy another usb stick today and try again, as the one i have been using is only 256 (i don't know if that matters...)

"as well i would check to see if there is much room on the hard drive.. much backed up music on it?"

Only stuff on the xbox HD is save games, live files, and updater files. Thanks for the input, i will give a shot and post the results.

Thank you for posting this instructable.
Finally got my xbox to format a 2gb stick. everything transfered, now i am up and running!!!!

Thanks so much!!! Great instructable!!
daiatlus79 (author)  iamsanman4 years ago
sweet! yeah i dont like how it is rather picky of the sticks a person uses.. i have had two hits out of like 10 different sticks .. and one i had to format manually on the xbox.
bruceh4014 years ago
i am suffering same problem. I am using Ipod Nano 2GB Gen 2, files copy fine from explorer 360 but when i plug it back into xbox the only options i get is to personalise or erase as it doesnt show any data present. Can any one point me in the right direction??
daiatlus79 (author)  bruceh4014 years ago
i would recommend trying a thumbdrive instead
I can not find a thumb drive that works or that is on the list, most of those they dont make anymore. Xbox recognises ipod fine, and i use xplorer 360 to copy files (have also used files from different sources so try and get it to work) but when i plug back into xbox it doesnt shod SID file or save game file
joopajoo1114 years ago
i did inject the files to the usb drive, then connected it to xbox, it does recognize it, but when i try to copy the sid3 save, its only 4 blocks and beneath it there is a 17k+ corrupt save. it does only copy the 4 block save. what should i do? if it has something to do, i live in finland and i have pal console i think.
daiatlus79 (author)  joopajoo1114 years ago
well it wont work.. you have to use the PAL save files. the files i have in the tutorial are NTSC files
ok, no matter, already found PAL files and got it softmodded after 3hrs of frustration :D which dash should i install, unleash X or evolution X? Does it really even matter :S Or is there alot of difference between them?
just for our clarification of this excellent instructable make sure to copy sid3 file then respective save file. the sid file is the one that take 10 min or so i made the same mistake as a fellow below by copying only the save game which copied in 1 sec then trying the exploit which resulted in the " your xbox must be serviced screen" luckily a reboot was all that was needed
Treborabc5 years ago
Its possible I messed up, but mine copied in like 10 seconds

j2theon5 years ago
My xbox recognizes the usb, and the files downloaded OK on the Xplorer360   , but when i connect the usb to the  xbox, there are no files showing up, no splinter cell., nothing.
mulder695 years ago
i can load the files as instructed but the xbox will not read them.  However when i take the the 21585554 folder off, the xbox can read the thumb drive fine.  Any ideas?
hollydan5 years ago
My xbox recognizes the usb, and the files downloaded ok, but when the usb is in the xbox, there are no files showing up, no splinter cell., nothing.
daiatlus79 (author)  hollydan5 years ago
ok well do you mean to copy from the usb to the xbox? as well did you use the xpolorer 360 to inject the files, or just draged and dropped them to the thumbdrive.  as well sometimes its still tricky getting the xbox to recognize the thumbdrive.  but if you are trying to access the save from the thumbdrive within the game, it will not work

DigDog1015 years ago
 When load the files onto my xbox the xbox says it can not read the disk and when i delete the files the xbox is able to read the disk again