Step 4: Installation (the not-nearly-as-slow part!)

Ok, no worries the long parts are past us, as the files are now on your hard drive! Boot the Game now (hit start to skip past the opening). Go to the Start Game Screen, and select the "Linux" profile. Hit A three times then watch the system load onto the BSOD installer (B@$tard Sons Of Dialup). You will now only have a few simple steps to follow. First, in case something like a power outage or other Act of Randomness inturrupts the install, select "Back up C Drive" first off! Confirm by selecting Yes after you start the backup process, and this will only take maybe a minute (it's all being done on the hard drive now so it's a LOT faster!). When that is completed, select "Install Softmod". This will load into a different screen where you will see a scroll down menu. Select "Backup EEEPROM". Then back it up to the E Drive. This will take a second. Then select "Install Softmod". this may take 3 to 5 minutes. once this is done, select "Back To Main Menu". Then select "Restart XBox".
ozz2g3 years ago
Here is a stupid question, cause I'm sure this is the main reason this is done. However, I have all the legacy of Kain games for the PSone and PS2 but don't have either system anymore. I also still have some other games for different systems, and of course don't have the systems anymore. So, my question is, can you use this mod to run roms like you would an emulator? If so, is there anything special I need to do or any other software I need to download? I have the SNES emulator to play the SNES games I have on my computer, but want to be able to play them on my TV again. Thanx.
daiatlus79 (author)  ozz2g3 years ago
yes it is ready to run roms almost out of the box. you would need to locate the emulators for it (google is your friend), and yes it is capable of running PSOne games. i have Atari 2600, NES, SNES, Sega Master System, Nintendo 64, MAME, PC Engine, etc running on mine. and you can even load the Roms off of a dvd if you dont want to take up hard drive space
TheHatchet3 years ago
Hey. Sorry to bother you. I have a problem. I have gotten as far as successfully loading the sid 3.1 installer on my hard drive. I put the game in and go to the load menu but the Linux save file isn't there. :-( Maybe I missed something. Thanks for any help.
zbrady4 years ago
I am getting the service required message that Carpaccio31 mentioned... how do I get around this? When I load the Linux profile and try to hit A 3 times, it just gives me the service required message...
rhan15 years ago
Hi gang thanks so much for the help so far, I've come to a stumbling block so far as when I go to the linux profile screen and hit A for the load check point screen and hit 3 times it just freezes with music in the background. I think it may have something to do with my copy of splinter cell as its a 'Classics' version of the original splinter cell. any thoughts? thanks in advance
Byron8805 rhan14 years ago
I have this exact problem, I have transferred the SID 3.1 installer (huge 17K block file) and the Splinter Cell (tiny 4 block file) save from my usb stick to the hard drive then when i load up splinter cell (original version) and select the linux profile it puts the user in the menu selection between checkpoints and levels (default hovering over checkpoints). If you hit A three times here the game will freeze and the background music will continue to play. If I try it without the sound on I can hear the hard drive change to a slightly different tone, but that's all. Also, if I try to go to levels and pick one (it shows vselka infiltration, submarine, and kola cell) it will just load the level up and I'm just playing as Sam Fisher again : ( I have used xplorer360 to delete the 4 ntsc folders on the usb stick, reinject all the files, delete the old copies off the xbox, and then recopy from usb stick to hard drive and try again, but the exact same thing happens. I also tried using mechassault, as I have a "not for resale" copy that I thought might work, but mechassault just tells me I cannot load the linux profile. I will try reformatting the usb stick on my pc, then reformatting it back to fat x on the xbox, then reinjection and recopying, but personally I think the same thing is just going to happen again. What am I doing wrong? Is the Splinter Cell DLC screwing anything up? Btw the system is not hard modded in any way. Any useful advice would be very welcome : )
daiatlus79 (author)  rhan15 years ago
well i never been referred to as a gang but thanks lol. but as far as i know all copies of Splinter Cell work (i use a Platinium Hits Edition for my hacking). check your disc for scratches. As well, try a different memory device for the hack, as well delete it from the xbox and recopy it and see if that works. keep me posted!
Well after a bit of research i've discovered that the 'Classics' version of the 'original' splinter cell game is no good for the hack. I suspect that ubisoft updated it for later versions to prevent such exploits. Never mind i suppose i'll just have a look for an original of the original. Thanks!
Carpaccio315 years ago
I get a service required message? Does this mean I have the wrong copy of splinter cell?
daiatlus79 (author)  Carpaccio315 years ago
to my knowledge there is no wrong copy of Splinter Cell... all versions work with the exploit, unlike 007 or Mechassault, where only the first editions are guaranteed to work.  did you do the file injections properly? at what point do you get the service required message?
I have managed to install the new "dashboard"? What I can't seem to do is use youtube, hulu, apple trailers, or any of those other programs...Do I need to re-install a different version? I can connect to the XBOX through ftp, and it recognizes my computer. I can't even play movies from my computer through ftp on the xbox...suggestions?
daiatlus79 (author)  Carpaccio315 years ago
you have to ftp it to a specific location! its different from softmod to hard mod... the directories are different.  you will need to ftp to e:\dashboard i believe... but it is not the xbmc folder of the xbox as that is for if you had a mod chip installed. and then ftp T3CHs latest stable build of XBMC to that directory then update... should work...
I'm sorry if I'm a little slow to understand. Do I FTP the plug ins for youtube hulu etc.. to the e:/dashboard file? Do I need to put these plug ins somewhere specific? How do I update to T3CHs latest build? Do I just transfer the file over? I'm sure I am making this more complicated....
maxpower496 years ago
ok when i restart the xbox it stays on the xbox screen and the Microsoft logo appears but it stays there
daiatlus79 (author)  maxpower496 years ago
strange. can you hook up to your xbox with an ethernet (crossover cable)? how old is your xbox? have you ever updated it before now?
yes i can ftp to it over my home network and i think it has the latest update i had to refind it and ftp it to my xbox
also i can't back up my c drive only the eprom
daiatlus79 (author)  maxpower496 years ago
the c drive wont matter too much.. thats only if you royally shag it up! i deleted my backups afterwards :P i have no intentions of using Xbox Live on this (waiting for my 360 for that!) and so i had no intentions of setting it back to what it was. it could be a skin problem you are having. http://www.xbmc.org/wiki/?title=Error_Recovery_Mode
it won't let me get into the emergency recovery mode either every time it screws u i have to ftp to it and put the back up on the c drive agin
daiatlus79 (author)  maxpower496 years ago
oh.... i have never encountered that before... did you folllow all steps exactly?
yep even the optional step i drank like 5 pepsi throwbacks and tried it 10 times and watched the vid like 3 times. could you ftp to your xbox and copy the C drive for me and put it up to download
daiatlus79 (author)  maxpower495 years ago
i will give it a try and stick it on a torrent
i don't have a torrent downloader would you just be able to email it to me
daiatlus79 (author)  maxpower495 years ago
depends on the size.. if its bigger than 200 megs i am gonna have to upload it... cause my email is iffy on size.. and it would take me the better part of two hours to upload it.. uTorrent is less than half a meg and eats up shag all memory when it runs... not hard to use and not hard to run..
i got u torrent
k let my know the size or the torrent when you get it
daiatlus79 (author)  maxpower495 years ago
will do
maxpower496 years ago
is there any way to find the original xbox dash board if the back up was lost
daiatlus79 (author)  maxpower496 years ago
if you lose it off the xbox then i think you may find it on a P2P or filesharing service... but i cannot make any promises.. all i can say is that you could try some of the forums like Afterdark, etc.