Introduction: The Easiest Way to Connect to Xbox Live Via Ethenet Cord! (XP Only)

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This should only cost you $20-30, maybe less if you already have an ethernet cord.
And, this will take around 5-7 minutes(maybe a little less)
This was originally posted by me(masterofdarkness) on on 10-18-2007. If you couldn't understand it there, or you never heard about it, I'll use pictures and try to describe it better.
Connecting this via your Desktop PC you should be able to use the internet with both the 360 and the PC at the same time(I can). Laptops however, you cannot.

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P.S. Sorry if this is bad, this is my first instructable.

Step 1: Getting to the Control Panel

Picture of Getting to the Control Panel

To begin, connect the ethernet cord to the Desktop PC/Laptop and to the back of the Xbox 360.
After that has been successful, go down and Left-Click the Start Menu and then click Control Panel.

Step 2: Getting to Network Connections

Picture of Getting to Network Connections

Step 1:
After getting to Control Panel, change your view to Classic View(See First Image)

Step 2:
Now, look for shortcut, Network Connections(See Second Image)

Step 3: Bridging the Connections

Picture of Bridging the Connections

Step 1:
First, find the Local Area Connection that corresponds to the port on the back of your Desktop PC/Laptop.
Then, Left-Click on either Wireless Network Connection or the Local Area Connection, after that, it should be highlighted. Now, hold CTRL and click the other connection. (Example:If you first clicked Wireless Network Connection, you would then hold CTRL, and click on Local Area Connection(and vise versa)) Now Left-Click "Add to Bridge"(or something similar to that) (See First Image)

Step 2:
Now sit back on your chair and wait for the connections to Bridge themselves.(See Second Image)

Step 3:
If all goes well, you should have them in a category called: Network Bridge and the Network Bridge itself should say "Connected". (See Third Image)

Step 4: Congratulations, You're Now Connect to Xbox Live!

Picture of Congratulations, You're Now Connect to Xbox Live!

Congratulations, You're Now Connect to Xbox Live!


kujo911 (author)2013-04-13

If your computer is decided that it wants to shut down all of its internet connections with the network bridge on you may wanna try this: It really helped me out

Futureproduer (author)2012-09-10

If You Need Help On Connecting Your xbox to your Laptop ` Window 7 Check out My video It May help

Inner88 (author)2012-05-03

Hi I followed your guide to the letter but my Xbox still won't connect, it keeps failing at the first hurdle (at the network stage)

Any help would be great

playerhater12 (author)2011-10-24

Will this work if i have a Big pond ultimate usb internet thingy ????

Shredder543 (author)2009-12-28

umm... the "Bridge Connections" button is gray and it won't let me click on it.

kumarrockon (author)Shredder5432011-08-03

You have to ctrl Click both types of connections

David305 (author)2010-09-26

I have a windows vista do you know how to explain it on that pc

motorcross (author)2010-04-26

 the xbox 360 wont connect to the internet . can you help me please?

yungyella (author)2009-07-10

im gettin the wire today is there a way you could help me when i get it kind of confused

 Sorry for not answering, totally forgot about this account, though it may not be so helpful now, but if you still need help, feel free to message me

cfussiceman (author)2009-06-05

Ive done all of the above and it jus does not connect, the first stage (Xbox>Network) fails, im not sure what to do Help asap would be greatly appreciated

cono93 (author)2009-03-10

this didnt work for me

Rock Soldier (author)2009-01-18

Thanks, I'll have to try this soon(Hopefully today or tomorrow) *Adds to favorites and votes*

solowun (author)2008-12-25

I am trying to setup my xbox live and i am having major problems. Can anyone help?

hoodlum3 (author)2008-12-22

When I try to bridge the connections it tells me "To create a Network Bridge you must select at least two LAN or High-Speed internet connections that are not being used by Internet Connection Sharing" I can't figure out how to turn off the internet connection sharing. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

Gr33ng12nt (author)2008-12-17

does this work to hook a 360 up to a router and LAN it? I'm wondering because i want to play my friends that have a 360 using my computer so we can see who is better. (age old rivalry that we can beat each other using our own platforms) thanks for any help

meesarjarjar (author)2008-08-15

Can you please help me? I've done this with my laptop and it loses the wirless connection like you said it would but, the 360 doesn't get any internet. It fails at IP. Also when i try the internet sharing method and I try to enable internet sharing. It says there is "A LAN connection already configured withe the IP address that is required for automatic IP addressing."

FrOnTLiNe (author)meesarjarjar2008-12-04

Similar Problem, My IP address never passes and i keep looking everywhere, but i can't fix. PLZ HELP!

sam_rocks321 (author)2008-07-07

Would this work for two computers, one with wifi and ethernet to one with out?

It's possible, if it works with the xbox it should also work with a computer.

punkatsub (author)2008-07-05

What does this do?, if you mind answering.

If you don't want to spend money buying the 1st part wireless adapter or any other 3rd party wireless adapter(for the xbox 360), you can use this instead. It takes the wireless from the computer and runs it to the xbxo through the computer's ethernet port.

bart10655 (author)2008-05-25

When i go to bridge the connection my wireless disconnects itself What do i do

are you on a laptop or desktop?


Well right here "Connecting this via your Desktop PC you should be able to use the internet with both the 360 and the PC at the same time(I can). Laptops however, you cannot." Laptops lose the connection, but still work for the 360, so when you need to fix the internet to use the laptop, disable the bridge.

I got it to work thank you

Your welcome :)

aninepointstar (author)2008-04-01

once youve done this look at this video to get free xbox live its really easy ...

masterofdarkness (author)2008-01-06

So what? That's a completely different way...

What i think this person is saying is that what you stated was wrong in "Connecting this via your Desktop PC you should be able to use the internet with both the 360 and the PC at the same time(I can). Laptops however, you cannot." Either that or, i am bad at trying this reading one word, and describing it in a thousand. BTW could this work with dial up?

i'm not sure about dialup, and it depends what you are connecting.. A 360 does not have support the phone wire for dial-up. I am assuming you meaning bridging the phone and the ethernet port. Go for it. Though if you have dial-up now, you should change because DSL is better, most likely cheaper or a bit more expensive these days, but it's worth it.

joemonkey (author)2008-01-15

umm, the only ehthernet port is occupied by my modems connection? i think i need a router.

jack1992robertson (author)2008-01-07

Sounds great. Although i was just wondering if there were any risks with this and if it failed would it be reversable? Many thanks ahead.

No risks,if you're on a laptop and the internet is not usable(for the laptop not the xbox) that's normal and you can either 1. delete the bridge or 2. disable the bridge, either one should work.

When i go to 'bridge' i only see one connection which is my wireless connection. Any help...??? Thanks again!

Is your ethernet port correctly connected? Do the drivers need an update? To check Start->(Right-Click) My Computer->Properties->Hardware Tab->Device Manager, is there anything yellow question marked there?

Yes. Other devices is marked with a yellow question marked. Under that is ethernet controller, multimedia audio controller and also video controller which are aslo marked. Thanks.

You need to find the driver disk for it. The drivers may be on there follow these steps:At device manager->Right-Click Ethernet Controller->Update Drivers-> Install from Specific Location->Don't search. I will choose the driver myself->If anything is there hit it and click Next->It should be updated and fixed(if there)

TABRadi0 (author)2008-01-06

Well Erik, I believe that anyone that lives in a house bigger than 800 sq ft, would find it very difficult to run a cable from their router/switch to their room upstairs, perhaps. I mean you don't know the settings for his casa. I ran a wireless bridge also for the longest time because I couldn't talk my parents into letting me drill a 3/8" hole in the wall for the cat-5 (They absolutely wouldn't let me just run the cable along the hall).

Erik Lindemann (author)2008-01-06

I picked up a $19.99 Dynex 5 Port 10/100 Ethernet Switch from Bestbuy. Plug one cord into wall, one into computer, one into Xbox 360. Done. I can connect to Live, not to mention I'm connected to my Windows Media Center which allows me to watch movies I have saved on my computer. All very easy, the hardest thing to do was ....err, plugging it in. I find this instructable to be too complicated to call it the "Easiest Way", sorry.

Well its by far the easiest and cheapest method of connecting your 360 to a wireless network provided you already have a computer. The point ware this really comes in handy is when your not at home and what to get online without ruing wires, as long as you have a laptop that can get online you can get your 360 online.

GorillazMiko (author)2008-01-05

Nice job, I will have to try this very soon. (added to favorites)

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