Introduction: The Easiest Ways to Print IPhone Text Messages or IMessages

Hello everyone, In this Instructable, I will show you the few easiest ways to print text messages or imessages from iPhone.

So many of the important messages that we receive in our lives now are not coming by letter, or even by email, but instead through text messages. You may not think that you will ever need to print your iPhone text messages and iMessages, but you would be surprised how often it is required. Sometimes people want to use them in court to prove their innocence. Sometimes a text conversation is so much important that you want to print it on a paper and preserve it for a long time. Whatever your reason, follow these easy instructions to print your iphone text conversations.

Step 1: Take a Printout of Your Text Conversation

This is probably the easiest method to print your iPhone text. Here's what you need to do:

  1. First you need to open up your text messages app, and open the message that you want to be able to print.
  2. When you have the message that you want to print visible on your screen, press, hold down, and then release the ‘Home’ button and the ‘Wake’ button at the same time exactly. This will create a picture of your screen. If it works properly, you should see a white flash go across the screen, and perhaps hear a click if you have the volume.
  3. If you now go to your camera roll, you will be able to see a photo of what your screen was looking like when you pressed both of the buttons down at the same time. This is called a screen shot.

You can now take this photo and email it to yourself and then print it out on your computer.

Step 2: Email Text Messages/iMessages to Yourself

If you only care about getting the message content into an email and don't care about the speaker, date and time stamps of the text messages then you can email text messages to yourself and then print them out.

  1. Open up the message that you want to print out by turning on your iPhone, and going to the text messages and iMessages app. You should then open up the messages from the contact that you want to print.
  2. Now you need to copy the text messages and iMessages, and you can do this by tapping on the ‘Copy’ button, or holding down your finger on the message until Copy/More appears.
  3. Then you need to go to your email app, and open up a new email. Input your own email address into the send bar.
  4. In the section where you write the message, you need to paste what you copied from your text messages and iMessages. Then all you have to do next is click on ‘Send’
  5. Turn on your computer, and open up your emails to see the new message there that contains all of your text messages and iMessages.

You can now open up a program such as MS Word, paste the text messages and iMessages there, and print them directly off.

I hope you find this Instructable useful.


tytower made it!(author)2017-03-22

Anyone know how to do this on Android?

michaell_d made it!(author)2017-03-24

You can take the screenshots of text messages on an Android as well. And, there are some free apps like "SMS Distribution and Share" and "SMS Share" are available in the Google Play Store that can be used to forward Android text messages to an email address. Thing are bit difficult for an iOS user. There aren't any apps in the App Store that can print iPhone text messages or imessages.

Unirox made it!(author)2017-03-22

This is a really unnecessary instructable I think...

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