Step 4: Serve it up!

Once cooked, the egg will slide out of the cup and onto your plate easily. Salt or season to taste, serve and enjoy!
<p>another great example of how nice consistency can be :)</p><p>recipe/instrs from 8yrs ago and still cooking just fine. I did mine in an 18oz coffee mug with bacon and cheese w 2 eggs, scrambled. mm mm mmm! prepared, cooked and eaten from same mug and cleanup was a snap, too.</p><p>I hadn't thought about the plastic wrap - it evidently makes the difference and works just fine. I didn't know what power my m'wave was so started w 33 seconds (it has an 11 second rotating platter) and added 2 additional periods of 22 seconds each, stirring between them and finished with a final 11 second heat. Eggs still weren't completely done but I could tell the residual heat would likely keep them cooking while I stirred for a bit. About another 20 seconds of stirring and the dish was perfect.</p>
Thank you so much! I have always failed at retaining the yolk in my egg, and this doesn't require any skill on my part! Thanks again :)
I found this recipe after trying several laborious and not very successful soft boiled eggs recipes. It is perfect, especially with the comment about using Pam (or butter). <br> <br>I read the Pam label, since someone called it a chemical, and it is made with 100% canola oil. It has lecithin from soybeans and the preservative is rosemary extract. It does have a trace of &quot;chemicals,&quot; but don't just about all foods? <br> <br>There seems to be a real issue, however, with the plastic wrap. I wonder if anyone has found an alternative. I tried putting a saucer over the dish, but there must be a better way! <br> <br>Maybe I should just stop obsessing and enjoy the eggs! <br> <br>
Another way of cooking an egg in a microwave:<br>Crack an egg into a small cup/Small bowl. (Making sure the bowl isnt too wide)<br>Put a bit of milk in. Around one and a half Teaspoons.<br>Whisk it.<br>Put glad wrap over the top of the Bowl\Cup (Additional sorta, If you dont want your microwave to have little egg pieces everywhere)<br>Put it in the microwave.<br>Set the timer for 33-45 seconds. Depending on how powerful your microwave is.<br><br>Pros: Doesn't taste rubbery<br>Is a nice Breakfast, Or a small meal.<br>Cons: Any sort of Plastic material contains a unhealthy chemical that released when heated.<br><br>Additional: Tastes nice with soy sauce. XD
Yes like all.. Works great<br>Additiions <br>1 egg 1 min. And turn at 30 sec<br>Spray Pam or other in bowl before<br>Plastic wrap or press and seal are the key..both work
Just AWESOME!! ThankYou!!
wow this actually tastes awesome im enjoying mine right now :)
Thank you very much for the idea! This morning I made the recipe and it worked great! will now do a simple breakfast each morning. (excuse me for my bad English, but I'm from Bulgaria) :D
This is great thanks!
Bravo good sir Bravo you have my thanks!
Nice 'ible!. With a bit of advance prep you can turn this from good breakfast to great breakfast! One thing I often do is cook up a bunch of chopped onions ahead of time- If I am cooking something that requires sauteed onions (mushrooms, peppers, etc) I will do twice as much and throw them into a container that I keep in the fridge. Just toss in a few spoonfuls of the chopped onions into the egg before cooking and a pinch of salt and badabing! Oh- I almost forgot- a great way to cook a bunch of onions is to do it in the microwave- a bit of oil in a micro safe dish and toss around the onions. I some times keep an onion , ham and cheese mixture ready in the fridge and just add egg. I used to do this a lot when I worked in a building with out a cafeteria - I would cook a microwave egg for breakfast at work.
I can confirm it works, 'cause ive been doing this myself for as long as we had a microwave - AND you can add mushrooms, cheese and tomatoes to the mix. Just chop small &amp; quickly - I even crumble the mushrooms by hand, doesn't take more than 10 seconds, so that would be the 50 second omelet :)
No way it works!
&nbsp;note to self. don't do 2 eggs at once.<br /> Bad idea, didnt cook thoroughly even when doubled the time
it works, just keep adding time until it is, and make sure your plastic wrap is REALLY tight. I was able to cook like four, but I just had to keep adding time, and kept the plastic pretty darn tight.
Can this work with tupperware or similar microwaveable dishes that come with lids? <br>
I'd expect so as long as a little pressure can build up inside. If you try it, please post your results here for the benefit of all Instructablekind. Thanks!
thx!! u cab di my lunch with your idea!!
I love that snack - it's quick, healthy and nutritious. Although I use a ceramic cup.
i just did it... mine blew up and is wayy over cooked and i did it for 30 seconds wat did i do wrong?
Your microwave might be more powerful than this one was. I have a new one now and it did the same thing at the old time. My new microwave (the old one still worked, just wasn't very powerful &amp; I thought it was time for a new one... it was 15 years old) is about 1100 watts. I microwave it for 15 seconds and check it. Then, if necessary, continue in 5 second intervals. Hope this works better for you.<br><br>P.S.: You might also try doing this at 30% power with the original given times. The old Microwave was 330 watts so 30% power should make a 1000 watt microwave that same power.
Just did this, and the result was delish. Thanks!
This is perfect, just tried it, added a little butter before microwaving (about a teaspoon) to give it a buttery taste, and it turned out just like in the pictures!<br /> &nbsp;<br /> I am having a happy yummy breakfast, Thank you so much!<br /> <br /> :)<br />
In many microwave egg cooking instructions on the web, they recommend poking a hole in the yolk with a knife so that the egg doesn't explode.
I enjoy how you toke the time to capitalize, and spell check it all, for such a silly(but effective) idea, you made it look very professional. Thank You.
aha i can see your reflection in on the microwave.
Yeah. And?
nothing, damn
Sorry for sounding terse. I didn't mean to come across that way. I'm used to some of the more immature on the board picking nits with the tiniest of details or flaws (i.e. typos, slightly blurry photos, etc...). I guess I steel myself a bit expecting it and come across the wrong way.
I know exactly how you feel, check out Adrian mnk's comment on this instructable (https://www.instructables.com/id/%22AudioBook%22/?comments=all#CSN0AXXFOWZOWQZ). dang, some people are very particular, but not connorcancount :)<br/>yay for being pleasant!<br/>
Thanks. I try to be as much as possible (although I do have a habit of wearing my heart on my sleeve). I try to overlook the occasional typo or dark/blurry photo and just absorb the lesson of the instructable. Following that path, I've noticed my life is less stressed and happier. Perhaps that is Instructable material too.
okay thanks, i almost thought you were the type to just be an ass to everyone. but very nice instructable. i haven't tried but its on my to-do list.
I think that I might have to do this tommorow :)
Thaks for the idea!!!
Nice, it worked pretty good, just made one <sup></sup><br/>would've been better if i remembered some cheese :)<br/><br/>Good 'ible :)<br/>
Toss a frozen sausage patty on top of the egg and cook them together in the microwave. Then toss the whole works onto an english muffin. Instant Egg McMuffin for a fraction of the price.
I can make a eggy in a basket the regular way, but wonder can you make it like this too? *EXPERIMENT TIME *
Heh, let me know how it turns out. Be sure to post it as an instructable when you're done and thanks for visiting and commenting!
Wow this tatses awesome! and for only 1 minute per egg, that's a pretty fast meal!
Sorry I copied you.
Don't worry about it. With all the instructables here, it's almost impossible to do one without copying something. I like the way you did yours.
I didn't copy you, I just found yours today.
Great idea! For me in particular. I'm always in a hurry. Love it! Thanks! ))
i like it thanks for sharing! 4/5
Is this really safe . . . ?
Yep, totally. There are products on the market that you can get from both WalMart and The Pampered Chef that do this very thing. I just show you an easier and cheaper way of doing it without having to drop $20 in a new kitchen tool.
On the back of Egg Beaters it says to do something similar for scrambled eggs. So it is done once the wrap starts to inflate?
It's getting very near done. Make sure the wrap doesn't pop

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