Step 4: Serve it up!

Picture of Serve it up!
Once cooked, the egg will slide out of the cup and onto your plate easily. Salt or season to taste, serve and enjoy!
pinkypant3 years ago
Another way of cooking an egg in a microwave:
Crack an egg into a small cup/Small bowl. (Making sure the bowl isnt too wide)
Put a bit of milk in. Around one and a half Teaspoons.
Whisk it.
Put glad wrap over the top of the Bowl\Cup (Additional sorta, If you dont want your microwave to have little egg pieces everywhere)
Put it in the microwave.
Set the timer for 33-45 seconds. Depending on how powerful your microwave is.

Pros: Doesn't taste rubbery
Is a nice Breakfast, Or a small meal.
Cons: Any sort of Plastic material contains a unhealthy chemical that released when heated.

Additional: Tastes nice with soy sauce. XD
Eagle23523 years ago
Yes like all.. Works great
1 egg 1 min. And turn at 30 sec
Spray Pam or other in bowl before
Plastic wrap or press and seal are the key..both work
nboyd13 years ago
Just AWESOME!! ThankYou!!
thelonesun4 years ago
Just did this, and the result was delish. Thanks!
This is perfect, just tried it, added a little butter before microwaving (about a teaspoon) to give it a buttery taste, and it turned out just like in the pictures!
I am having a happy yummy breakfast, Thank you so much!

inacct36 years ago
In many microwave egg cooking instructions on the web, they recommend poking a hole in the yolk with a knife so that the egg doesn't explode.
zhouc6 years ago
Thaks for the idea!!!
RainSky7 years ago
Great idea! For me in particular. I'm always in a hurry. Love it! Thanks! ))
Cartuner558 years ago
my grandma scrambles and cooks eggs in the MICROWAVE! they are rubbery if you dont put plastic wrap on it
doodie8 years ago
i just tried this... greatest idea ever .