The Easy Clock Mechanism





Introduction: The Easy Clock Mechanism

I designed this for demonstrating how a pendulum works in a clock. It's speed can be adjusted by how much weight is on the pendulum. I actually built this to be a timing device but I doesen't last long enough for what I need it for. Anyway I would definitly use it to show off to a science or engineering class the basics of a clocks internal working through mechanical motion. The video above shows how to use it.

Step 1: Body Step 1

Step 2: Body Step 2

Step 3: Body Step 3

Step 4: Body Part 4

Prettry straight forward just build what you see in the pictures. After this step you are done building the body!

Step 5: The Gear

Very important part and also an easy assembly. Make sure that the gray connectors are as shown in the picture with the holes faceing up.

Step 6: The Pendulum Top

Again very important piece.Make sure to put the blue rods on as shown. Broken blue connectors are not required.

Step 7: Bottom Pendulum

Step 8: Motor Assembly

Now the wind up motor is important make sure to pay attention to the orientation of the arrow on the top of the engine.

Step 9: Assembling the Pieces Step 1

Just follow the photos adding the pieces as you go.

Step 10: Assembling the Pieces Step 2

The top pendulum piece must be put on top of the gear and than the axle can go through it.

Step 11: Finished

Congradulations! You are done! If you end up using it drop me a comment so I can thank you.



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    how many/what type of wheels make it a 1 second timer

    Very nice! Where do you get all the parts to build it? does it come in a kit or part of a kit? Thanks!

    No parts kit. This is a custom design I put together to demonstrate a pendulum clock.
    As long as you have a spring motor you should be able to make it.

    Wow! This is awesome! I have to build this sometime, quite interesting from my view! =D

    Thank! Please do build this. It is really fun to play with and mod. I use it as a timer and a larger weight powered version for a metronome.

    thank you sooooo much i just happen to be doing a project for my pricibles of technology class and it something that moves made of knex
    i am totally using it

    No Problem. I'm thrilled your using it.

    Yep. Youtube has a lot of precise knex clocks, but they are really complex. This just came about trying to simplify it.

    Sometimes it's better to be simple!