I designed this for demonstrating how a pendulum works in a clock. It's speed can be adjusted by how much weight is on the pendulum. I actually built this to be a timing device but I doesen't last long enough for what I need it for. Anyway I would definitly use it to show off to a science or engineering class the basics of a clocks internal working through mechanical motion. The video above shows how to use it.

Step 1: Body Step 1

<p>how many/what type of wheels make it a 1 second timer</p>
<p>Very nice! Where do you get all the parts to build it? does it come in a kit or part of a kit? Thanks!</p>
No parts kit. This is a custom design I put together to demonstrate a pendulum clock. <br>As long as you have a spring motor you should be able to make it.
Wow! This is awesome! I have to build this sometime, quite interesting from my view! =D
Thank! Please do build this. It is really fun to play with and mod. I use it as a timer and a larger weight powered version for a metronome.
thank you sooooo much i just happen to be doing a project for my pricibles of technology class and it something that moves made of knex <br>i am totally using it
No Problem. I'm thrilled your using it.
Wow, thats pretty cool man!
Yep. Youtube has a lot of precise knex clocks, but they are really complex. This just came about trying to simplify it.
Sometimes it's better to be simple!
Another cool thing about this thing is I am using it as a timing device on my next instructable. It just has a three foot tall weight drop tower attached to it and a gear ratio. Well at least the prototype does so far.. it only runs for 18 minutes and I need an hour.
Never mind. I did make it. It was a automatic cat feeding device.... but when I tried it out, my cat decided he didn't want to eat for the next few days!!!!! We took him to the vet and they didn't know what was wrong. He's fine now but I destroyed the device. If you want to make it I'll tell you how it worked.
L1keABoss Bro <br>
Is there a way that can work without a wind up motor, i still want to make it a wind up though, but i dont have one of those wind up motors and i want to build this. btw good job!
Of course! Just use a weight power! <br>1.Extend the axle with the gear attached. <br>2. Then wrap some string around the axle. <br>3. Attach a weight to the end of the string hanging off the axle.( I use a one or two large knex tires for the weight.) <br>4. As the weight drops the clock mechanism should work, if not, try winding the string the other way. <br> <br> That should equal the same result as the wind up motor except this can run longer depending on the height the weight has to drop . <br> <br>If you still are having problems just ask. =)
K thanks!
No prob!
Thanks for trying to build this!
That's a cool clock ;)

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