Picture of The Easy Credit Card Phone Stand
ok so instructable number two. so this one came to me when I posted my last one and I saw the jury rig contest and it suddenly hit me that there was a much quicker and easier method to achieve the same sort of result. so using only a pen, credit card and a pair of scissors this stand was created.

now I've entered it in the epilog contest as well because I thought I would be a good idea to make them from styrene sheet plus you could make these in to maded to order business cards from different materials with your name etched on them.
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Step 1: Gather Your Your Bits

Picture of Gather Your Your Bits
so grab any unwanted credit card or similar sized card you don't really use any more. mine is a card I was given when I attended a scaffold training course as you can see in th second picture it's also a usb flash drive

Step 2: First Cut

Picture of First Cut
ok so measure the thickness of your mobile. Now Mark out a slot wide enough and leave it 1/2"(12mm) from the top. once your happy where your slot is cut it out. one thing to remember is to follow the shape of your phone seeming as some phones have curved backs this will help with stability.

Step 3: Second Cut

Picture of Second Cut
Now all I did to get the desired angle for the cut was to slot the phone and card together and eye it up against the end of a table until I was happy with the angle the phones screen would be facing.

Once happy cut the corner off

Step 4: New Step

Picture of New Step
all I did then was add a strip of insulation tape to the edge to stop any scratches. now its ready to slot straight on to your phone. HAPPY VIEWING.
SakuyasLove3 months ago
Rediculous how simple this is. ive been thinking for a frw days i need to fibd something credit card sized and bam. you just knocked out the simplist solution. thanks :)
Laurpud1 year ago
Very clever, thank you! I have some corrugated plastic (like politician's lawn signs are made of) that should work perfectly!   :-)
ElmerJones1 year ago
That's ingenious!!!
anasdad1 year ago
Nice job!
skywiz1 year ago
Wow, great idea, hey can we make a few more angled slots for phone for upto three tilts, like say 30, 45 and 60 degrees, I guess you'll have to round off the bottom instead of a flat cut, will try it on my expired credit card tomorrow morning ..
water rat1 year ago
Beautifully simple and practical.
daemn221 year ago
Wow I've made a few phone mounts and this one is amazingly simple and compact.
martyd78 (author)  daemn221 year ago
thank you trying to make a tripod that fits in my wallet now.
I just tried it out with a regular card with my Galaxy S3...unfortunately it doesn't hold well :S maybe the card was too flimsy and I have to use a thicker card like yours.
martyd78 (author)  daemn221 year ago
ah I've also tried it with my old gym members card which is slightly thinner than a standard credit card and had the same problem.
so all I did was add an extra piece of insulation tape but make it into a T shape when pushing it on also make sure the slot is a nice snug fit so the slightest of pressure is required to put it on. T piece should look like the additional image I have added to the instructable sorry about blurry image
when i saw the thumbnail i though you cut a slot in your phone, haha
martyd78 (author)  The nerdling1 year ago
haha not that brave with a new phone haha
fo another one you should put bits of plastic on the stand so it looks like the phone is cut
martyd78 (author)  The nerdling1 year ago
yeah that could tie in with the one instructable I've seen where it makes your laptop screen look see through but do it with your phone so you can see the back of the card
Ryanoxpqz1 year ago
That's ok, I just wanted to know the ending 😀
Ryanoxpqz1 year ago
Hey... It's not finished :(
martyd78 (author)  Ryanoxpqz1 year ago
hey i'm sorry don't know whats happened there but I've now added in the missing text
Phiske1 year ago
I likey! I'm always trying to find where to prop up my phone so my kid can watch yo gabba gabba. And as they are so slippery it always ends up falling.
martyd78 (author)  Phiske1 year ago
yes or some one knocks the table my old s3's screen got smash when my kid was watching one of her films on it. although it didn't help when the person that knocked the table also stepped on the phone when it hit the floor haha
lime3D1 year ago
I love it.
martyd78 (author)  lime3D1 year ago
thank you very much
wazzup1051 year ago
Simple.. I love it. (bonuspoints if you use a major platinum credit-card for this :))
martyd78 (author)  wazzup1051 year ago
hmm platinum is a bit out my league main thing was I have limited space in my wallet and the card I used only gets used once in a blue moon when either backing up my phones data or transferring files from my friends pc's which don't have any wireless capabilities so now it gets used more and warrants its place in my wallet.
Solarhead1 year ago
In a world filled with over complication, here is a simple invention that works like a champ! Great work!!!!
martyd78 (author)  Solarhead1 year ago
thank you
Jayefuu1 year ago
A nicely documented and clear first Instructable! Nicely done.
martyd78 (author)  Jayefuu1 year ago
thank you very much