Hello! I'm JonnyBGood and I thought today would be a good day to share my Easy Offroad Truck.
    I built this about a year ago and was used for ramp jumping competitions against my brother. We had these competitions all the time, and we started useing suspension to make sure the axles wouldn't break on the ramp or on the landing (we used about a 45 degree angled ramp). This truck only has rear suspension because we couldn't make a suspension strong enough to be on the front tires, which took the majority of impact from the ramp. This truck signifies a change from complex designs that used a lot of pieces to simple, sturdy design that were easier to repair and, for some reason stayed together much better.

    I enjoyed this truck enough to keep it year so I figured it's time it's shared so others can enjoy it, so please, build it, it will be fun!

Step 1: The Cab Assembly

Follow the pictures and you should be fine. EXCEPT that I put the the red connector on the front of the cab on incorrectly so attach it faceing the opposite direction than shown.
<p>Great job!</p>
Thanks! I was very happy with this truck and I'm glad you like it as well. Its one of those builds I did that isn't featured but was a favorite of mine. I still have it on my shelf.
WOW very clear instructions i will build this . Well done <br>
Cool offroad! Where did you get the front wheels? I've never seen them before.
A knex go-kart kit. I also got the knex guy from that kit. Funny enough I even got that kit after I return my air powered motor kit to the knex company because it was deemed dangerous for exploding when pumped up to much.

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