The Easy, Ultimate Pencil Grip





Introduction: The Easy, Ultimate Pencil Grip

A Quick , easy way to make yourself a decent homemade pencil grip.

Step 1: Materials

the only materials include

1. a pencil
2. a rubber band

Step 2: Process

1. cut the rubber band in half

2. begin tightly wraping the band around the pencil

3. to keep it in place, overlap aroung the ends of the band (see picture)

Step 3: Finish!!!

Now that your done, go out and impress your peers with your amazing homemede pencil grip!!!!

Just added!!!

because of the numerous complaints, i added another picture of grip options for your pencil.Try it out on your own to see if you can make it any better!



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    If you just have slippage issues this should be great! It's only if you clench pencils too tightly and need a soft grip that this won't work.

    take a look at the additional part i just added

    The rubber band might not slip, but if it is the type with a square cross-section, then it will be able to roll quite easily. I recommend using the flat type. Although first and foremost, I recommend not doing this at all. What happens when you sharpen the pencil and it changes in length?

    aar000n3y is right it could slip up and down, but it still looks cool.

    This grip wouldn't work well. The rubber band can easily slide up and down, and it it doesn't cushion the pencil. It probably doesn't even stay on well since the rubber band could just loosen and the overlapped ends would just fall off.

    I assume this is purely decorative, rather than giving any functional benefit (i.e. less finger strain/soreness after holding the pencil for a long time)?