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Introduction: The Easy Way to Peel Boiled Potatoes

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I grew up in Idaho.  Both my parents grew up in Idaho.  Potatoes were a standard of our diet all my growing up years, I know dozens of ways to fix potatoes.  This Instructable is how to handle a standard process that must be done before you can prepare a vast majority of the potato dishes I know how to fix.  So this is how to peel boiled potatoes, because you boil them first and then you peel them.  It is really very simple and it save you loads of work in the long run.  So here we go.

Step 1:

Russet Potatoes
Pot with lid
Paring knife

Step 2:

Wash your potatoes.  With your paring knife cut a line around the center of the potato.  You just need to cut through the skin.  Do this to all the potatoes you are going to boil.

Step 3:

Cover the potatoes with water and put the lid on the pot, bring it to a boil.

Step 4:

Turn down the heat and boil the potatoes for 30 minutes or until you stick a fork in a potato and it goes in easily, the potatoes are done.  (These are over cooked, because I got side tracked, and forgot about them, sorry about that.)

Step 5:

Remove the pan from the stove (remember to turn off the heat) and pour off the hot water (pour away from you so that you don’t steam yourself),

Step 6:

run cold water over the potatoes.  Pick a potato up in your hand and using your nails and fingers, peel off the cooked skin of the potato, like this.

Step 7:

It is easier and not nearly as time consuming as peeling the potatoes before your boil them.  I put the potatoes in a bowl and cover them, then put them in the refrigerator, to cool down.  Now they are ready to be turned into: Hash Browns, Yummy Potatoes, Potato Salad (in all its varieties), Potato Pancakes, etc., etc., etc.  Enjoy!



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Nice and simple and the lil video was super handy thanks!

What kind? Make an Instructabale of it. Thanks for looking.

Question! Is it the same with russet potatoes and red potatoes? I bought red potatoes that are a bit smaller and about the size that Curtis Stone used! I'll be in my kitchen tomorrow acting like I'm "Curtisanna Stoned"!! LOL!

Oh I meant to say that I do NOT enjoy cooking and haven't for years! I am "pulling a Betty Crocker" tomorrow and cooking a large meal!!! (When I do cook I call it "pulling a Betty Crocker" because I rarely cook!! LOL! We're having baked chicken, cabbage, asparagus, smashed potatoes and apple pie with vanilla ice cream. This meal *should* cover me for at least 6 months!! :D

I hear you, woman! I feel the same way. Love food but hate the prep.

A couple of the readers referred to a video showing how to score the potatoes with a cut around the middle of the russet before boiling and then placing in ice water and peeling by grabbing both ends of the potato and twisting. Here is the link to the Idaho Potato Commission version which Dawn Wells (aka May Ann of Gilligans Island fame) did for us years ago:

I saw an even quicker way where someone cut a line in the skin around the center, then twisted the skin off each end. It just slipped right off!

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That is the way I saw the peeling done; the skin was just barely cut around the entire potato and it was boiled. When the potato was picked up and twisted in different directions the peel totally came off in one piece! Voila! One peeled potato!! Thanks for this discussion. I'm going to make "smashed potatoes" tomorrow and I googled this topic! Thanks again!

I am trying this right now!!!!


loss off Vitamins and Minerals which are concentrated under the skin.

You need a pellkartoffelgabel and Gemüsemesser(saber formed small knife cutting egde inside)

pellkartoffelgabel(google it): to give you an Ideait, it is like a cob fork with 3 thinner pins and a longer handle.

You put the potato on the fork, make a long cut and peel it with the knife. Minimal contact to the boiling hot potato! Give every enabled person at the table a set. Make it like a honour for your children to give them a sharp knife, when they are old enough.

Call anyone a whimp who complains about the heat ! (No kidding)

I personally dont like potatoes boiled without the skin, except for mashed ones.

I had known about putting them in cold water. I tried it without cutting them and it totally fell apart! I'm almost done peeling them and they're turning out perfect! A little overcooked russet potatoes. Thank you!

The big problems with cooking whole potatoes like this is that it takes much longer to cook! Peeling the potatoes first and then cutting them into tiny little pieces then requires 10 minutes of cooking to get them cooked and ready.

However they CANNOT be used to make mashed/creamed potatoes. Once cooled and or sitting they render the starch so they will not cream.

Might make the point that the texture of potatoes boiled with skins on versus skins off is quite different. Skin off results in a lot of potato starch being removed in the water, which is good if you want fluffy mashed potatoes and bad if you want potato pieces for salad.

Also, simmering rather than boiling makes for a nicer potato surface after peeling, and letting the skin-on boiled potatoes cool naturally out of the water will make for a potato that retains its shape and stays nice and firm; easy to shred or cut up without breaking.

In the summer e always eat the potatoes with the peel on - Same for baked potatoes.

In the winter I use a potato peeler because running them under cold water cools them and I like HOT potatoes.

Yes! I'm so glad someone finally showcased this. It's amazing. Well done!

Very smart. I am definitely going to try this next time. :D

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