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Here we have, The Egg of Time, when you look into its time vortex you can see all that was, and all that will be, only one man has managed this and lived to reap its rewards, using his knowledge he created a time machine, and brought back many future weopens, to help defend his people, when the robots attack...

So here is my entry to the egg contest.

Also thursday ible for the 5 ibles in 5 days.

Hope you enjoy!

Step 1: Create a Base.

Picture of Create a Base.

Ok, here is how i created my actual egg shape.

Picture 1 - i drew out an egg shape, complete with 'hollowed out sections' onto some of my dense card

Picture 2 - I created a second full egg shape, and 4 half egg shapes

Picture 3 - The two full egg shapes had little slits to allow the two pieces to slot together.

Picture 4 - here im holding the pieces together to test how it looks.

Pictures 5 & 6 - I cut out a series of small triangles and used them to glue the whole shape together, by placing them to space the sections apart, The best glue to use is wood glue, as its great with card.

You should now have the basic shape

Step 2: More Build Up

Picture of More Build Up

Here we add the stand, and a bit more bulk!

Picture 1 - I cut out a series of triangles to fit as better spacers, and glues these into place

Picture 2 - I Found and old hunk of metal that fitted perfectly into the gap at the bottom, before gluing to the model, i did a quick cut out for the bottom

Picture 3 - I glued a circular piece of card to the under inside of the egg.

Picture 4 - I then glued the stand to the card, this time using Epoxy Resin, due to the stand being metal.

Picture 5- I then cut out a series of elongated trapezium shapes

Picture 6 - These shapes then fit in around the stand, adding alot more bulk to the egg.

At this point i coated it in the glue, filling in all the gaps in the card.

Step 3: Adding Some Junk

Picture of Adding Some Junk

Ok, now to add a little bit of junk, not too much, i wanted a simple design.

Picture 1 - An old telephone speaker made for a perfect round section, i glued this into place with epoxy, and ran a piece of string clean around the egg to help it flow

Picture 2 - I then went about glueing and positioning the frontal lense, some silver paint and a ball bearing provide the detail.

Picture 3 - On the back i added some old camera mechanisms, and a old watch cover.

Pictures 4 & 5 show adding some more string, as well as a few scraps of card to fill in any gaps.

Picture 6 - here we see an above view, showing some of the inside detail, and the completed string edges.

Step 4: A Little Strength

Picture of A Little Strength

To make the bottom half a little stronger, i decided to attach the lower stems to the metal stand.

I did this, by wrapping and gluing string all the way around the base, once the string height had built up, i then also wrapped this string around the stems.

Once dry the stems hardly moved.

Step 5: Measure and Mask

Picture of Measure and Mask

Ok, no we just need to work out the leather top sections, and get ready to paint.

Picture 1 - Using some bits of paper i pressed down on the edges of the egg to create a template for later on, i did this for the front, and back top sections

Picture 2 - I glued to base to the egg using epoxy (it helps to hold it in place with masking tape, just while it dries)

Picture 4 - Mask off all the sections you don't want painted, for me this was the lenses areas, and the exposed innner workings.

Step 6: Paint Job.

Picture of Paint Job.

Ok, my usual paint job, it was a bit tricky because of the shape, but i managed it.

Pictures 1 & 2 - Give the entire egg a good coat of spray paint (the gmjhowe special, direct to metal paint) As always, lots of thin coats, not just one massive plastering.

Pictures 3,4 & 5 - Using some metallic paint, and a nice large wash brush, gently brush the entire model to give it that worn metal effect, for the hard to reach places go for a stippling technique instead of brushing motion.

Leave the whole thing to dry, preferably over night.

Step 7: Adding Those Finishing Touches.

Picture of Adding Those Finishing Touches.

Ok, now to add a bit of leather, and some wire

Picture 1 - Using the paper templates from before i cut out some leather pieces, adding some flaps as i went, i then glued these across the top of the egg.

Pictures 2 & 3 - here we have both sections in place, also note the two metal 'electrode thingies' i added to the front.

Pictures 4 & 5 - Using some thing jewelry wire, i slowly wrapped it around the lower half of the egg, to get it to stay in place i cut tiny slits down the edges as i went.

Step 8: Done

Picture of Done

Thats it! once the wire is glued into place at the bottom, the egg should be done!

Look into the vortex, and see your futures end.

Im pleased with my egg, though i must say i struggled for little electronic bits to stick on. The wire makes up for this i think.

Let me know what you think, and be sure to vote for me in the contest.

- Gmjhowe


mrfoltz (author)2011-04-13

Actually, I even like it up to step 2 by itself.....

orangesrhyme (author)2010-10-07

Huzzah! Now we can save Crono!

mettaurlover (author)2009-08-25

this is awesome. freaky, but awesome.

gmjhowe (author)mettaurlover2009-08-25


mettaurlover (author)gmjhowe2009-08-25

is that a steel marble in the windowy thing in the last set of pics?

gmjhowe (author)mettaurlover2009-08-25

Its a ball bearing!

mettaurlover (author)gmjhowe2009-08-25

essentially the same thing.

Articas (author)2009-05-02

he heh heh u could run into a bank and say "don't move or i'll blow up my new atomic super weapon plasma nuke laser taser thompson submachine gun cheesebuger cat egg" by the way what a fabrege egg anyways

uber man (author)2008-12-04


gmjhowe (author)uber man2008-12-05

hahaha! thanks.

Goodhart (author)2008-10-30

This is really cool. For the season, if you attach some noise maker to your speaker you could get a real scary egg from it :-)

gmjhowe (author)Goodhart2008-10-31

Prehaps, but im not one for the 'season' entering the costume contest is as far as im going with it.

Goodhart (author)gmjhowe2008-10-31

You could make it talk LOL
yeah, I understand

gmjhowe (author)Goodhart2008-10-31

i could add 'time vortex' sounds?

Goodhart (author)gmjhowe2008-10-31


KentsOkay (author)2008-10-25

Wow... congrats on being a finalist!

Sorry I was gone during voting... I hope you didn't miss a higher placing by one vote...

Carole B. (author)2008-10-22

Congratulations on being a Finalist. I "studied" your design the other night; read your Instructable and forwarded it to my niece; I know she will be equally fascinated with your concept and creativity. My Best Wishes to you. Carole B.

gmjhowe (author)Carole B.2008-10-23

Thank you, that is great to hear, be sure to check out my many many other projects (click on my name to take you there) if you like the egg, you sure to find some more 'similar' projects!

Carole B. (author)gmjhowe2008-10-23

I will plan to check out your other projects this weekend after I host an ornament class here at my house. Carole B.

kelllbelll (author)2008-10-22

Great job! Congrats on being a finalist!

gmjhowe (author)kelllbelll2008-10-23

thank you! though i don't intend to win, the competition is much better than mine!

Plasmana (author)2008-10-08

That is so beyond cool! 5 stars!

That reminds me of the Daleks...

gmjhowe (author)Plasmana2008-10-08

haha, it does a little!

Plasmana (author)gmjhowe2008-10-09

Yeah, the egg you made just looks so evil... That is why I like it!

orangesrhyme (author)Plasmana2008-10-09

Anybody want a time omelet? With leather instead of bacon?

gmjhowe (author)orangesrhyme2008-10-23

hahaha, i should of put that in my intro.

AnarchistAsian (author)2008-10-03

wow... that's nice...

gmjhowe (author)AnarchistAsian2008-10-23

thanks anar

ItsTheHobbs (author)2008-10-03

yes! I've been waiting for you to enter this contest!

gmjhowe (author)ItsTheHobbs2008-10-03

haha! thanks, i guess that means i get your vote come voting time?

ItsTheHobbs (author)gmjhowe2008-10-04

absolutely! all the instructables you've made are great!

gmjhowe (author)ItsTheHobbs2008-10-23


muyo19 (author)2008-10-06


gmjhowe (author)muyo192008-10-08


=SMART= (author)2008-10-04

sweet !

gmjhowe (author)=SMART=2008-10-04


JerBear (author)2008-10-04

Amazing! 5/5

gmjhowe (author)JerBear2008-10-04


mweston (author)2008-10-03

I agree, the horizontal wires look great! Overall well done.

gmjhowe (author)mweston2008-10-03


shooby (author)2008-10-03

Wow, crazy. The horizontal wires create a great effect.

gmjhowe (author)shooby2008-10-03

Thanks, i was a bit worried about how they were going to look, they turned out really well.

BeanGolem (author)gmjhowe2008-10-03

They remind me of a hard-boiled egg cutter. How appropriate.

gmjhowe (author)BeanGolem2008-10-03

haha! good observation!

PKM (author)2008-10-03

Oh Jake, you and your dense card.... :P Nice job, I love the non-lens window but I'm not sure why.

gmjhowe (author)PKM2008-10-03

haha, its the vortex pulling you in! gotta love that dense card, im thinking of naming it as gmjboard

jeff-o (author)2008-10-03

At last! An entry that's unique, interesting, and actually has instructions. Nice work!

gmjhowe (author)jeff-o2008-10-03

Thanks! im not a fan of making something, then making a slideshow, slideshows are best to show of something you made before.

noahh (author)2008-10-02


gmjhowe (author)noahh2008-10-03

Thanks for the comment!

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