The Eiffel Tower Pop-up Card Origami Architecture Kirigami





Introduction: The Eiffel Tower Pop-up Card Origami Architecture Kirigami

This is my Eiffel Tower that I made out of paper. It can be folded Hope you will like it.

Dimensions: 7.44 inches or 18.9 cm in length / 7.44 inches or 18.9 cm in width / 19.2 inches or 48.7 cm in height.



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    I paid a 2 year subscription to get this and its just pictures. Being on th einstructables site I would have expected the cut file for this

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    Hi, look into Pinterest, under "kirigami". There r tons of templates there that might interest u. If u searh far enough, u may find the eiffel tower one. I found it a while back, but forgot to bookmark that page. But i know, there r plenty there. Hope this info helps.

    tree bien

    this is just photos ...... no templates included

    I paid to get the template and just got more pics... Would you please share the template in PDF? It would be fair and nice. Thanks a lot and bravo for your work!

    dont pay for the pdf no template at all just pic as above I feel cheated

    This work is amazing :) Are you able to provide the cutting templates in your pdf? I'd love to be able to make the same thing :)

    do you have a semple in CDR, CMX, DRW or something

    That is awesome. How do you go about starting to design something like this?

    Wow.. u are a GENIUS.. your work is so intricate.. i would like to try them but i'm not a pro member, so i can't download or anything... do u provide step-by-step instructions? Anyways.. this is AWESOME! <3