Picture of The El Diablo Assualt Pistol R-45
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This is it!
My Auto-Loading Knex Gun!
The El Diablo Assualt Pistol R-45
This is one of the best weapons to use in knex-combat, since it's light-weight, one-handed and has a good long handle.
It has a non jamming mag with an internal mag pusher, decent range, (30 ft) and a comfy handle.
Now, i'm just gonna tell some pros and no's:

- internal mag pusher.
- 12 shots.
- reliable.
- great fun.
- pretty powerful.
- pretty accurate.
- looks cool.

- if not built correctly, it will have a few errors.

You Likey?
Let's build then, shall we?

Step 1: Mag Pusher

Picture of Mag Pusher
The El Diablo Pistol R-45 066.jpg
The original mag pusher wasn't good so pic 2 shows the jam-free pusher.
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imducky988 months ago

Skreetsha, someone on youtube made a video of this (video date Oct 25 2008) and yours is made by Oct 6, and this person claimed this pistol as his and its clearly not his because your date is older his date is younger and this persons youtube name is dirt661. (just letting you know)

verry good gun its so good i moded it a little bit plz check it out and tell me what you think and where i should change it to make it a better gun http://www.instructables.com/id/bolt-action-rifle/

5 star all the way
how many snow flakes r thar on this
sampson1115 years ago
are u dirt661 on utube
No... he is Viccie on youtube.
Skreetsha (author)  Millawi Legend3 years ago
Now SkreetshaOfficial, i make music via LBP2. Lol
If I was building this, could i not build the "for strength" parts?
i made all the parts and followed all the step's to see how the gun fires and works. this is what i got " i wasent able to pull the ram rod back, and had a hard time with the trigger, everytime i pulled the trigger it would snap off and break" so i give this gun a 3.8 rate because it has a good shell but the intereor could use some work... good gun tho MRJ.67
Skreetsha (author)  MR.J673 years ago
That is not due to the way how it has been created by me, that is how it was assembled by you.

V.R Bischoff
clara33 years ago
for the ammunition, i like the idea of it being pushed up, but it's a pain on my fingers to just take it off and then put it back on, especially in the midst of battle.

what i'm suggesting is a little hole, just big enough to put a rod in.
this makes reloading faster, and saves my fingers from so much punishment.
clara3 clara33 years ago
like, maybe this?
Skreetsha (author)  clara33 years ago
Yeah that works too. I for one don't even have it anymore, but I would've maybe suggested that as a mod in this Ible.

this is amazing! thanks so much.
Nice gun, one problem, when you take this gun apart, it f**king kills your hand!!
Good gun 5*
Skreetsha (author)  TheKnexDemon4 years ago
Lol, thanks
However, i've built it many times.
Timstoop4 years ago
i love the gun!! I takes about 1 hour to make it and it's very fast!
Skreetsha (author)  Timstoop4 years ago
Cheers lad, keep on gunnin'
gbmaster1374 years ago
first gun i build, took me about 4 hours to build thanks to how "well organized" my knex pieces were, and i also didn't have the pieces in the right color (the yellow connectors are grey in mine for example)and i haven't shoot it cause i have no rubber bands and no money to buy them
DaBoss4594 years ago
hey guys, i cant figure out how you put that wretched orange peice on that jacked white peice, THE AGONY, I GIVE UP ON KNEX, !@#$% YOU, Viccie.B1993, thanks for killing my dreams, you crazy @#$%&!
Skreetsha (author)  DaBoss4594 years ago
lowe4 years ago
It is soooooooooo good i built it twice.
Skreetsha (author)  lowe4 years ago
Lol, dual wieldin' ey?
james29474 years ago
I builded this gun and it work very well!!!! I git a really good range with a few rubberbands...Nice gun!!! 5*
knexman20014 years ago
Dude I built this and it gets jammed... alot
Clip off the end off the ram by about 1/2 a centimeter.
Shaitan6664 years ago
r the grey pictures that 1 slot connecter with a hole or the 2 slot connecter 45 degree angle
Killbunny5 years ago

I found the grey to be a very unsatisfying trigger, as its curved surface would not hold the ram rod back, rather guide it through. I found myself having to hold the trigger out to keep it from firing. SO, instead of the grey with the black "claw", replace it with an orange.
that is right and handy if you dont have the claws!
use stronger/tighter elastics but good point
Superpoopa4 years ago
this was my first knex gun
jack39395 years ago
the triger does not work any ideas?
The trigger system does work. Obviosly u made it wrong cuz I made it and it worked perfectly. Didn't need to mod anything either.
Shaitan6664 years ago
i figured out the barrel but where doies the trigger go it doesnt fit anywhere it just falls out
Shaitan6664 years ago
i dont understand picture isnt clear
Shaitan6664 years ago
im having problems making the barrel the picture isnt very clear could u post another
I used as an aimer.
I'm done man. The entire gun is hard. Now you put this rocket science in?:)
bennyboy964 years ago
im out of them black pieces which connect the orange pieces at the top to the white ones. what else can i use?
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