Picture of The Elder Wand
A while back I shared some pictures that I'd taken of wands that I carved out of random sticks. A friend of mine asked if I'd make him a replica Elder Wand, so I said sure. It was also requested by a reader that I make an instructable on how I made my wands, so that's what I'll do with the Elder Wand.

**Safety note 1: If you start to feel your hands cramp up, stop. It's not worth it to cut your hand open because you can't hold onto the knife/tool properly. If you're using a lathe however, you shouldn't encounter this problem.

**Safety note 2: I'm a klutz with just about everything, but I use knives all the time. No matter what you use to shape your wand, use caution and common sense. Having a custom made wand is cool, and I think they're pretty fun to make, but if blood had to be shed in order to get it, that's just no fun. So be careful, and happy crafting!
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
1. Stick, dowel, branch, 1x1, any "carveable" piece of wood that you want to make into a wand.
2. Knife
3. Sandpaper
4. Saw
5. Dremel
6. Lacquer (optional)
7. Paint (optional)

Step 2: First Thing's First...

Picture of First Thing's First...
First of all, you need to select your stick. My cousin had a tree trimmed recently, and it had some pretty straight sticks, so I grabbed a few. The next thing you'll need is a design. Since I'm doing the Elder Wand here, I'll post the design that I drew.

*Even though you could use a saw, I chose to use a PVC cutter because it's faster and since the sticks are on the thin side, they won't really damage the cutters. This isn't necessary, but it's the path I chose.
it is compleatly epic, something i would add is a green led in the tip and and use a well hidden switch to use the killing curse.
love the runes
jediwhiz32 years ago
Holy Cow! You are an amazing woodworker!
Do you want to sell one of these?
TheGeek1984 (author)  ThatKnottyguy2 years ago
The thought crossed my mind, but if I were to do that, and demand were to go up, supply would dwindle and/or quality would suffer. So right now I'm just making some for my friends. If I were to make up a lot of them, then I'd consider selling a limited stock. But right now it's just for fun. I'm flattered though. Thank you.
Please, I am an extreme hp fan. But I suck at woodworking. PM me and we can sell/buy on eBay or something else like that. Please, name your price. Private message me!!! Please. Just to one person privately.
Very good introduction to wand making! Lots of good tips. :)
TheGeek1984 (author)  jessyratfink3 years ago
Thank you. I mean that, considering this is the first time I made anything like this without instruction. It was sort of a trial and error thing.