The Eldredge Knot





Introduction: The Eldredge Knot

How to Tie the Eldredge Knot

Are you tired of tying your necktie the same way every time that you put it on? Well, the Eldredge Knot is the solution! Welcome to the instructable that will teach you how to properly wear the most observed article of clothing that you will ever wear.

Materials needed: 1 Necktie

When choosing your necktie…

-Choose plain colors and fabrics such as pink, gold, pure gray, red, or brown. You want the color of the necktie to emphasize the unique pattern of the knot.

-When choosing your necktie, try to avoid striped, plaid, or checkered neckties, otherwise, the beauty of this knot will not be so greatly suppressed.

-It is okay to choose neckties that have smaller patterns or prints, but avoid neckties that have heavy patterns and larger prints

-Silk neckties are preferred to make the knot look much cleaner, but do not use neckties that are made out of wool, cotton, and cashmere. The knot looks astounding when it is tied with a thin necktie.

Before I start, I would like to thank for inspiring me and introducing me to this knot. If you have the time, feel free to explore their website for other interesting knots.

Step 1:

Put your necktie around your neck, and make sure that the wide end is on the right. This knot is tied mostly with the narrow end, so adjust the wide end to the length that you want your time to result in. I always put the tip of the tie touching my belt and so should you. You don't want any excess tie hanging over your belt because that just looks messy.

Step 2:

Squeeze the wide end of the necktie at the neck and make a dimple. The knot isn't complete without a correctly-made dimple. Even if you made the knot perfect, the knot will look bad if you don't have the dimple in the right place.

Step 3:

Cross both ends so that the narrow end is on top, and swing the wide end behind the narrow end. In other words, wrap the narrow end around the wide end once. Make sure to hold both ends tightly so that the knot doesn't come apart.

Step 4:

Bring the narrow end in an upwards direction, and then insert it through your neck loop. Your neck loop is the gap between your tie and your collar of your shirt.

Step 5:

Pull the narrow end across the center of the knot towards your left shoulder. Then insert the narrow end though the neck loop from underneath. Pull the narrow end towards your right shoulder to secure the knot in place. After this step, you can let go of the wide end. It is much easier to tie when there isn't an arm in the way .

Step 6:

Now this is where it gets tricky; try to stay with me. Bring the narrow end behind the wide end from your right shoulder to your left shoulder. Insert the narrow end through the loop that was made in the previous step. If you are having trouble, don't give up! This is probably the hardest part in making this knot, so keep trying if you didn't get it the first time. Tighten the knot by pulling it towards your right shoulder.

Step 7:

This is another tricky part but it isn't as hard: Wrap the narrow end around the neck loop by going over and under. While you are doing this, keep the narrow end on the right side. Pull the narrow end directly above the knot and hold it there.

Step 8:

Bring the narrow end down and through the neck loop on the left, but don't make it too tight because you are going to insert the narrow end through the loop that you just made. Okay, do that now.

Step 9:

Now there should be a little tab left over, and that is okay. Easily tuck that behind your collar, and make sure that it isn't visible when you put your collar down.

Congratulations! Hopefully, you have successfully tied the Eldredge knot. If you are having trouble while going through this process, try following the steps again but do it slower. The Eldredge knot requires patience and lots of effort. Thank you for viewing this instructable, and please leave any comments, questions, or suggestions. thanks again!



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    Yes! Please do. And if you could, would you mind leaving us another comment with a corresponding picture? Thanks for the comment, and I look forward to seeing how it turns out.

    cool it actually works unlike 75% of the things on this website

    A very nice knot but not (if like me) you have a 20" neck size! I have enough trouble trying to get a decent knot with a normal tie knot sadly.

    5 replies

    Hi you can have ties custom made. Try

    Sorry for the inconvenience. This tie knot isn't really recommended for a 20" neck size. But thanks anyways for leaving a comment.

    Hi there.
    No problem and thanks for the reply. If I ever manage to find some longer than normal silk ties then your knot will be a definite one for me as I like the appearance of a well tied tie.

    I guess I am curious about this. Wouldn't the knot draw the eye away from the size of your neck? Size also doesn't matter as much now. I would love to see this on my husband who has about a 18,19 neck. I think it would be very complimentary to try and let others see. Great Conversation piece.

    Congratulations, very good

    is this alexander ojeda from jrtoc


    I hope to never have to wear a tie ever again (I managed both of my daughters' weddings without one) but if I ever do then this will be the knot for me - favourited for that fateful day.

    I did note one thing he said at the start. NOT to use a Wool, Cotten, or Cashmere. This is a good point but also an incorrect point. Please let me explain. All of my ties are silk. But there are several different feels or looks to the way that silk is made. Some of my silk ties feel more like a Cotten tie but will not stretch like a Cotten tie will which is why you don't use these types. This "Cotten" feel makes this type of knot much harder to tie because it is not smooth and likes to stick. I would say his statement should read. Use a tie that will not stretch like Wool, Cotten, or Cashmere and has a smooth shiny or sheen finish. This will make the tying the tie much easier and it will stand out more.

    1 reply

    Just an update: I shared this on my facebook page with a note that said, "Hey guys, I haven't seen this knot at church yet!" The young men (age 12-18) in my Mormon ward like to wear creative knots but I hadn't seen the Eldredge Knot. When I arrived at church that day, one of the guys was wearing it! It looks really good in person.

    1 reply

    Several of the missionaries that have been through my ward have worn this (and other) creative knots :)

    cooooooooooooooooooooool looking nice

    can you please upload a video for the same....
    very creative idea but tricky to understand