The kickamastick is an instrument made from a 45.5" section of aluminum shower rod with a jagged end (having been cut with a hacksaw from a 6' section). Keeping the jagged end away from the floor, a player strikes the kickamastick with their foot allowing the kickamastick to acoustically resonate and produce an array of interesting sounds. These sounds can be adjusted by the positioning of a players hand over the length of the instrument, the tension of a player's grip and how the instrument is stricken by the player's foot. Through the combination of these factors, the kickamastick has been proven a dynamic droning percussive instrument.

I have been playing this Instrument for many months during computer breaks while at work. During this time I have come to the conclusion that the kickamastick, albeit already fantastic, truly needs to be amplified. I set out to correct this problem and I am proud to present to you the world's first electric kickamastick.


Step 1: Go Get Stuff

You will need:

- A 45.5" section of aluminum shower rod poorly cut from the end of a 6' pole by means of a hacksaw.
- A Cube World video game
- Double-Sided tape
- A mono audio jack (1/8" or 1/4" depending on what you're ultimately jacking into)
- Some wire
- Electrical tape
- A soldering setup
- Diagonal cutters
- A mini phillips screwdriver
- A 1/8" or 1/4" audio cable
- An amp or audio recorder
- One hand and preferably two feet
Where do you get your wild imagination? Very interesting!
Yeah, you get a good sound out of that. The "section of aluminum shower rod with a jagged end" makes me think you could fend off zombies with it? L
Zombies and coworkers.
Interesting sound.....although I am not sure I would want to purchase a Cube World video gaming system just to get a piezoelectric element...as they are available fairly inexpensively from places like AllElectronics, etc.
I want to see you rig all these sound making instruments on your self, hooked up with string. One man band! you just need a big electric drum on your back.

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