List of materials:

1) pickles

2) Double-D Batteries

3) Battery Cartridge

4) Cable connecters

5) Copper wire or Copper nails( preferably copper wire)

6) a digital multimeter

Step 1: Add Batteries

Add your Double D batteries to your battery pack.

Step 2: Connect Your Cables!

Take your battery connectors and attach to one end to the empty space where there isn't a battery and one to the metal along the outside.

Step 3: Open Your Pickles!

Twist open the cap to open up your pickle Jar!

Step 4: Take Your Pickle Out!

Take your pickle out of the Jar and place it on top of the jar!

Step 5: Add Your Copper Wires or Copper Nails!

Shove a copper wire or copper nail in to one end of the pickle and due the exact same thing to the other side.

Step 6: Connect the Wires!

Connect the wires you hooked up to the batteries; take the other ends and connect them to the copper nails or copper wire that are in the pickle!

Step 7: FINALLY!

You Should have an Electric Current running through your pickle!

<p>Here is what happens when you add household current!</p>
Aren't those usually referred to &quot;D&quot; cells opposed to something else being called the other?
<p>Did you want to electrocute the pickle? You should try that with household current and you will see it glow!</p>
Instructions unclear. pickles and acid is everywhere and my house is on fire.
<p>Aren't we starting with April-1st pranks a little early? LOL! The pickle, would generate it's own electricity, if a steel nail was used on the opposite side of the 1st copper nail. Though, not anything strong enough to drive anything but a volt meter.. (say .5V or so..) Now.. for a real electric pickle, I've seen the picke alone, on 2 nails (copper or steel), with 110V-AC attached to the nails.. (carefully!!! but it will actually light up the pickle from inside.)</p>
<p>and what does this do exactly?</p>

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