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Hi! This is our second ball machine called The Element. It has 10 paths, 4 lifts, and 8 new elements. I hope you enjoy looking at this creation and as always, feel free to favorite, subscribe, and post a comment to share your thoughts about this creation! Enjoy!


Linkin_J_Knex (author)2015-09-06

awesome ball machine!!

www139 (author)Linkin_J_Knex2015-09-06

thanks a lot!

Linkin_J_Knex (author)www1392015-09-07

I mean, 10 PATHS! Mine only has 2 lol :)

martijnb95 (author)2015-04-12

great ball machine! what camera did you use to take the pictures? those are totally beautiful :)

www139 (author)martijnb952015-04-12

jvc everio gze200 I think. I'll get back to you if that's not right... Thanks.

martijnb95 (author)www1392015-04-13

i see, a bit over my budget though :P

and yes, i recently started building again. i have developed some new lifts and mechanisms, however the machine needs lots of tweeking before completion. i will post an update when some more interesting things are working :P

www139 (author)martijnb952015-04-14

I don't know where I saw this or if I came to the conclusion myself... Do you use your iPhone to make your videos? If so, nice job! It's HARD to deep them stable!

martijnb95 (author)www1392015-04-14

ipod touch, but that uses the same camera :P. Indeed, apple stuff sucks with pictures and video. i now use my phone, which is quite a bit better.

www139 (author)martijnb952015-04-15

How old is it? If it's older than about 3 years, then yes it sucks. If not, it's 8 megapixels, which is great!

www139 (author)www1392015-04-15

if it is 3 years old it's 5 megapixels or less. :( and tat does suck. I think apple made the camera app give the video a vivid effect which made it look weird... :P

martijnb95 (author)www1392015-04-15

yeah, mine is an ipod touch 3, so very old :)

www139 (author)www1392015-04-14


www139 (author)martijnb952015-04-13

Good to hear! All your machines in the past are amazing, and I like the new elements and lifts. It's amazing that Elevation had all new lifts! Nice!

martijnb95 (author)www1392015-04-14

thanks a lot :)

www139 (author)martijnb952015-04-15

welcome! :)

www139 (author)martijnb952015-04-13

Yeah. :P We bought it for family video recording to replace our 15 year old tape camera :D lol.

www139 (author)martijnb952015-04-13

Are you working on any new ball machines or anything of the like?

martijnb95 (author)www1392015-04-14

what about you?

www139 (author)martijnb952015-04-14

working on an a lot huger ball machine. 8 ft. (2.5 m) tall. That's all I'm gonna say :P (I don't now if it worked sorry if this is comment #2.)

martijnb95 (author)www1392015-04-14

actually i am. i recently got interested into knex again. my next ball machine will have some interesting new stuff in it, but it is not nearly close to being finished.

Sorunome (author)2014-07-29

Nice ball machine!

Also, that lift was a collab between tornado and shadowman :P

www139 (author)Sorunome2014-08-17

I notice you really like to use: :P smily face! Ha ha...

Sorunome (author)www1392014-08-17

Of course I do :P

www139 (author)Sorunome2014-08-18

:P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P

Sorunome (author)www1392014-08-18


www139 (author)Sorunome2014-09-02



-- --

l l

www139 (author)Sorunome2014-07-29

oh. Thanks! :/

Sorunome (author)www1392014-07-29

Hehe, no worries, just add like a in-vid annotation :P

www139 (author)Sorunome2014-07-29

good idea! Will do!

hunter999 (author)2014-08-15

Congratulations on being a finalist!!! :D

www139 (author)hunter9992014-08-15

Right back at ya!! Thank you! :D

hunter999 (author)www1392014-08-15

You two both deserve it! I have a feeling this will go far in the contest :D

www139 (author)hunter9992014-08-15

Right back at ya!! Thank you! :D

hunter999 (author)2014-08-14

This is awesome! Great work, voted! :D

Good luck to you in the contest :-)

www139 (author)hunter9992014-08-15

Thank you same to you! :D

didexo (author)2014-07-30


www139 (author)didexo2014-07-30


sandroknexmaster (author)2014-07-28

Great ball machine!

www139 (author)sandroknexmaster2014-07-28

Thank you so much!!

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