The Enforcer a Knex Sniper Rifle





Introduction: The Enforcer a Knex Sniper Rifle

A gun so simple even a caveman can do it!

I set off to make a foolproof rifle that uses one broken rod and cannot be jammed. More requirements were to shoot finammo and yellow rods over 50 ft.

How is this you ask! Well try breaking a simple trigger a pin guide and a breech loading won't happen easily from normal use.


Range 60-70 ft (finammo)

Accuracy!! Pulling the trigger on this is like firing a heat seeking missile at whatever you aim it at! IT WILL NOT MISS!! At ranges under 35-40 ft it is a guaranteed hit!

Mag N/A breech loading mech

Pin guide Yes

Good sights YES!

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    This actually looks more like the shotgun from Halo 2

    Same as Richtofen, I have had experieces with bullet locks like yours blow up before. Angle it the other way. Looks solid besides that. Keep it up!

    great gun! I was some how Unsubscribed again! >=[

    It looks pretty decent, and the pin guide's a nice touch.
    I'd place the bullet lock, let's call it that, in the opposite direction, though. If it goes up slightly too far, the ram will slam into it, maybe breaking it in the process.
    Also, try taking photos with a ...cleaner background. The pile of k'nex in most of them distract a bit from the gun itself. This is not that big of a problem, but it may be better to have a nice, clean picture for the main photo.

    Overall, good job on the gun.

    Better image quality coming soon!! Getting a better phone!