The Eradication a Knex Urban Sniper


Introduction: The Eradication a Knex Urban Sniper

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eradication [ ih-rad-i-keyt ]
Main Entry: eradication
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: extermination
Synonyms: annihilation, destruction, elimination

The ERADICATION is the definition of over engineering!...... "Over Engineering (or over-engineering) is the designing of a product to be more robust or complicated than is necessary for its application, either (charitably) to ensure sufficient factor of safety, sufficient functionality, or because of design errors."-Wikipedia

This gun is incredibly robust....I dropped it down one flight of still shot fine and didn't break! This gun has it all...everything but spring loaded mud flaps!

Boasting a 15 round blue rod mag and good range this gun is the perfect urban sniper! Still not convinced? Read on!

Blue rods-
The perfect balance of compactness and range.

Extra length stock-
More comfortable when laying prone and also gives plenty of cheek room behind the pin!

Small mag-
Makes laying prone comfortable and mag doesn't touch ground


45-50 ft range
15 round blue rod mag
Mag lock/release
Full pin pull
7 layers
A bit heavy
Simple iron sights
Cut away section of 7th layer on right side so no sharp edges touch your trigger hand



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    I like the design of the gun but you lost me at the ammo. I haven't built a gun in a while but blue rods arn't as good as yellow in my opinion. I know there's a better aesthetic look to having smaller magazines but I'd prefer performance over appearance.

    1 reply

    Yeah but the blue rods fit my criteria for this gun: "decent range and accuracy at short to medium ranges" I simply didn't need the high performance of the yellow rods. The ranges this gun is designed for are around 30-35 ft and blue rods can essay reach that range and are still compact and easy to load!

    Eeeeh, I don't like how it looks honestly. The stock is way too large for a gun that essentially looks like a slightly larger SPIFF. Both in shape and magazine set up.
    Not one of your better guns, in my opinion.

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    I kind of agree with the shape but I love the spiff its one of the only k'nex gun I have made and I still have it :D

    Another epic looking gun as usual :) :) :)

    I think it's a very handsome gun. I like the front too.

    I'm working on a barrel and v.2! Thanks for the feedback

    cool! I like the looks of the front.

    I really like from the handle back. The front however, does not fit the gun. I would add a much longer barrel (Mabey 6-8 inches) and Mabey a folding bipod. Other than that I like the gun!