The Eradication Mk 2.0


Introduction: The Eradication Mk 2.0

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I was tempted to give this gun a different name but i figured the community would kill me!!

This is the eradication mk 1.0 but with some plastic you see what I did there?? Get it plastic......WHY ARE YOU GUYS THROWING ROCKS AT ME!!!?!!?!!!???! OUCH STOP I AM SORRY FOR THE PUN!!

In all seriousness the eradication mk 2.0 hereby known as the mk2 has brand new internals a compact stock and a faux barrel! I reworked the mag slightly to shoot primarily connector ammo instead of blue rods.

The stats are similar

9 round (connector) 15 round (rod) mag
45-50 ft range
Able to shoot finammo
Has a very good power system (the rod barely touched the round and a new round is loaded in the chamber with the pin still forward meaning less jams and more power)!
Darn good lookin if I do say so myself!!

That was my own (only slightly :) ) biased opinion on the gun but if you want to build this beast I promise instructions within the next few days (if my schedule allows)!

I would like someone to review this gun when I make instructions (leave a comment if you are willing to do so)!

As always keep knexing and keep on trucking!!!



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    Hey would you be willing to make a collab with me? I'm working on a boss looking turret pistol but am having some trouble getting the looks right and I was wondering if you could help! You don't have to but it would be an honor to work with you! I can do Kik and skype and my email is in my description.

    Looks pretty good! I'm assuming you can shoot multiple ammo types by utilizing different magazines?

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    That honestly has to be the fastest response time ever lol.
    No unfortunately I'm not right now. The K'nex War didn't happen this year and kind of left me looking for a more active warring hobby.
    I did build this Two stage trigger TR8. It has one trigger that releases two firing pins at one turret .


    Hmm didn't know it didn't happen! The gun looks cool...I have been wanting to do a pump action bolt action gun but I never get around to it. Yeah I just happened to be on mobile and i caught the email notification so I logged on!

    Well if you want to try a pump action bolt action knex gun. I'd definitly check out my Zip3. I think it's the only posted gun with that mechanism and instructions. Granted all my revisions are on youtube...

    Actually I just built the zip3! It chambers the round fine but it isn't hit by the pin regardless of how hard I pump.

    I built it once and I loved clue what I ever did with it or what I took it apart for but I remember it being very good!

    Yea... I still have my Zip3. My tradition is to keep the previous model until the new one is built.
    Zip4's concept was suppose to be a range improvement from Zip3. So how do you beat a bolt action? Slingshot! Zip4 will be a pump action slingshot.

    I don't even know what kind of black magic you must have to make a pump action slingshot....! I don't have enough parts to do that but I usually keep the mags and other accessories intact if I can.

    Oh my God... That's a good looking gun too!

    It can but I just use orange connectors with green rods on each end. They fly better in this gun for me. I might include separate instructions for the yellow and white rod models!

    I don't usually like using green rods as ammo just because I use those in my guns. ÷P

    Well the rods are connected to the connectors and it doesn't catch like with rods making the gun more reliable.

    I love it :D. I keep thinking it's called the education xD