The Essential Guide to Knex Grenades





Introduction: The Essential Guide to Knex Grenades

There are so many knee grenades out there so I decided to make a bunch and see how they compare to each other. First up is Mykailo's grenade or at least my version that I call "rolling thunder" It carries lots of shrapnel and its very rugged. Its simple to make and doesn't use any obscure pieces. Heres its breakdown

Ease of Use: 10

Ease of Loading: 6

Blast Radius: 8

Number of Pieces Used: 8

Power: 7

Next up is The shrapnel grenade made by Mark Schmidt or hobo lord depending on which you saw first. Its the most powerful of the grenades that I have made and its pretty simple if you understand it. it can be a little hard to load if you have a strong rubberband on it though.

Ease of Use: 8

Ease of Loading: 6

Blast Radius: 10

Number of Pieces Used: 8

Power: 9

Now we come to a very simple but useful frag made by halo99. It can hold a lot of shrapnel but its shell flies apart too. its easy to make but stil has a good blast.

Ease of Use: 10

Ease of Loading: 7

Blast Radius: 7

Number of Pieces Used: 8

Power: 7

Here is a moderatly useful frag from the inventor. its uses very few peices but has severe range and power problems.

Ease of Use: 9

Ease of Loading: 10

Blast Radius: 1

Number of Pieces Used: 10

Power: 2

Last and least is a classic frag who's maker is unkown to me. Its very easy to make and load but it suffers from serious power and blast radius issues. Not all of the pieces come out all the time It is the smallest grenade in this guide.

Ease of Use: 10

Ease of Loading: 10

Blast Radius: 3

Number of Pieces Used: 10

Power: 1



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    Tomorrow I will post a slideshow with a rifle grenade, along with a pretty decent Halo Magnum.

    The second one is the only good one in my opinion. Te other ones don't really work properly, they just collapse. The shrapnel grenade really explodes!

    so whats with these grenades do they explode or something?

    Hmm Yeah that one would have been good in here as well.

    no kidding. There are so many variants that spawned from to good ol' splodies! My favorite that I'm trying to make a simple under gun grenade launcher that shoots out a kind that basically has two orange connectors rubberbanded together with silver or blue spacers in between. It's my favorite because you can basically keep loading as many spacers as you can fit in there and then for an added bonus you can fit green rods in between them for a good amount of shrapnel is a small package.

    So true..... Someone should collaborate all the good ones into this

    Ok I have a new idea. Can someone get a list of all the latest and innovative grenades? I looked above and it's kind of funny how they don't have anything really advanced so how about we make one for advanced grenades while this one will stay for basic ones.

    How about just innoavtive grenades, or the good ones. The oldest grenade on this site (splodies) are pretty much the best here. I will make a list soon if noone else does

    I ment that most of the I ones were new. And yes please do.

    Nice! Yeah I'll probably want to cut most of the simple Frag grenades. I only want the ones that...well we should make a contest out of it to see which ones have the best 1. Radius/power 2. Shrapnel 3. Directions covered 4. Size 5. Ease of use and building

    Sure. Wanna start a instructable and collaborate?

    Sure! I'm making a new group so check it out when I'm done (just keep checking back on my profile) It's for a group of people that who is willing to team up with me to make better guns using each one of our individual skills.

    I never thought of using tries in a grenade. Good work!!! :)

    Nice bed sheets...