Picture of The Evil Button: That Was Evil
Trick out your Easy button from Staples to deliver custom phrases and have a slick new Halloween look.

What you need for this project:
  • A Staples Easy Button (Dure)
  • A small recording and playback device
~Mine was from Radio Shack, but a YakBak can do, or anything else you deem worthy.
  • Orange, white, black, and clear gloss spray paint
  • Sand paper & Dremel
  • Hot glue gun
  • Soldering Iron, Solder, and your normal soldering things
  • Wire

Note: I'm extremely close to finishing this project and will post pictures of the finished product once I finish.
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Step 1: Dissemble It!

Picture of Dissemble It!
Take it apart! There are screws under the four feet on the bottom. Take the feet off, but save them for later. Unscrew the screws and keep 'em safe too.

Take the top part off, including both the easy part and the silver ring. We're going to do the case mod first.

Step 2: Case Modding - Part 1: Sanding

Picture of Case Modding - Part 1: Sanding
Grab the "Easy" part and sand down all of the letters except the "e". You can put tape over it, or something to protect the letter in case you accidentally go over.

Dremels make things go faster. A lot faster. Consider using one.

Step 3: Case Modding - Part 2: Letters

Picture of Case Modding - Part 2: Letters
Now, we're going to make the rest of the letters to spell out "evil." I decided to use a hot glue gun because it was easy and I knew how to work one. Simply spread hot glue in globs to finish the word. Let it dry, and if you feel you need another layer of glue, go ahead.

After you finish, look for any glue whisps to get rid of. We're going to spray paint this next, and we don't want to have them get in the way.
Ahh evil so evil yet so evil...(trales off into a thought about pure evil)
Nice! one of my friends has this button and I bet he would love this instructable.
sharlston6 years ago
i would consider using slicone instead of hot glue for the letters
Foaly76 years ago
Use the evil laugh from the end of the WTF BOOM sound clip. Just google it to find it.
Kopolis7777 years ago
that'd be funny if it shocked you when you pressed it. lol
i think that is going to make it by bending sheet metall to make the shell and use a elletric conducting paint to shock when it presses you then laught s dramatically!!!
duck-lemon6 years ago
this is awesome. imma just make a big pointless button tho
Goodhart6 years ago
Back a few years, I could get the digital voice recorder / player chip and built my own recorder, but it was a wee bit bigger then this one
Shifrin7 years ago
This is Great, Emo button... That was EMO! LOL TT __
Never seen this one before... :)

Kipkay already did it.
technick29 (author)  joejoerowley7 years ago
Never said it was new.
I know just picking on you. Still cool! Great instructable.
technick29 (author)  joejoerowley7 years ago
Haha, alrighty then.
ahahaha thats pretty cool!