Step 6: Final Shots and Placement

Picture of Final Shots and Placement
Now that everything is dry and securely welded make sure you can unscrew the threaded bolt end from the rest of the nut assembly.  If you were careful you shouldn't have to worry too much. 

Place the log inside, re attach the top of the geocache and find something outside that has a lot of nuts and bolts holding it together (like a water pipe assembly in a park or a metal gate).
Separate the two halves of the geocache and arrange them as if it were actually a bolt penetrating something metal.

Log the coordinates on a geocaching website and watch as the "didn't find it" responses grow and grow.

Behold the EVIL!

the-police3 years ago
You should put it on a grain bin... that would be so evil.... there are 2000+ bolts sticking out on most grain bins... ;)
I havent tried any nanos yet made or found. We just made our first Geo cache. (its here on instructables) but this is so cool. I'm gonna try my hand at finding some but this will def be the first one i make. so wonderfully Wicked
Gottwinkies4 years ago
LOL! I like your kind of evil! When I first saw this I wasn't thinking geocache...and I find I am still wondering what else I can use this little container of evil for...Mouhahahhhaaaa
neonix5 years ago
Wow, this is evil. Hopefully you can find a placement where an extra bolt won't look out of sequence.
Londonbrig05 years ago
What are the magnets for?
The idea (if i read it right) was that you find something metal with lots of bolts in.  You can then put the head on one side (attached magnetically) and the screw on the other side (also magnetically).  This gives the impression that it's just an ordinary bolt.

It's like those "arrow through head" jokes you can get :)

Awesome idea by the way - bugger to find!
Ah, that's cool. Pretty tricky.
Most people take Metal Detectors with them and so what do you think they are for?
Things don't need to be magnetic to be found by metal detectors.
crazyg5 years ago
whats a nano cach i get the treasure hunt bit ,is it a bit of paper with well done written on it,good way to hide things from cops in a toolbox though :)
You tuly are evil. Some of those micro caches are next to impossible to find.
When you add the cache to your geocaching site, make a note like "3ft off the ground, looking west" just to sort of hint and sort of throw off at the same time.