The Expanding Yoga-Mat Compatible Bicycle Basket


Step 3: Modify the basket - remove one end.

Picture of Modify the basket - remove one end.
Web 100_0214.jpg
Web 100_0213.jpg
Using the wire cutters, snip out one end of the basket.

Be sure to leave the two edge verticals in place, and the crossbar at the top of the basket. The basket form should still feel solid after you remove the square,
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laresekae5 years ago
to help keep smaller items in the basket, when you're not carrying the yoga mat, you could keep the cut-out end, trim off the "poking-out" bits, and re-attach the bottom with zip-ties... fold it down and in so it lies flat when you want to carry the yoga mat, and flip it up and secure with bungees (weaving in and out) or something else, when you want to carry groceries, etc.