Step 6: Add some bungees and you're good to go.

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As I mentioned, when our basket is in, we usually stretch 4 or five bungees across the open side. These are great to have on hand. If we go to the grocer, we can run them through the bag handles or milk carton handles.

If the load feels side-to-side wobbly, we run one on each side from the top of the basket to the wheel hub - it pulls things in and makes them more snug.

The golder rule here is this: Always put the heaviest part of the load over the tire." The milk and canned goods, for example, go over the tire, while the bread and cheetoh's are on the extension. By keeping the load over the wheel, the entire bike feels more balanced, and you handling unchanged by what you are hauling.

My wife has been very pleased with the expanding basket, and rides to her yoga classes almost four times a week. Another instructor at her studio has asked me t make her one as well. When we put my son's trail-a-bike on her bike, we just unclip the pins and slide the basket off.

Like I said, it's not for the heaviest cargo in the world, but for where we are in our lives right now, the expanding basket is perfect. It is a true enabler of bicycle commuting and bike errand running in our home, and (I hate to admit it) I feel really proud of it whenever I see her riding off to yoga.

Good times, friends, Good times.
bonobolove6 years ago
I love it! Been looking for a rear basket and can't find anything that's not made of wire that's close to the flexibility of string, or not uber-expensive. Will implement this asap!
vmills7 years ago
This excellent idea will be very useful to me. Much appreciated. Vic