Step 5: Attach the camera arm to the glasses

The easiest way to attach the camera arm to the glasses frame is to simply use wire ties to secure the wire along the arm of the glasses. We use around 6-8 small wire-ties.

A more elaborate method involves using aluminum electrical connectors. These can be found at hardware and DIY stores. This method requires a drill, a tap, a tap handle and takes about 20 minutes.

1) drill two appropriately-sized holes for tapping into the aluminum connector. The size of the hole will depend on the size of the screw you intend to use. We used a 4-40 screw. To create a hole ready for a 4-40 tap you would use a #43 drill bit (3/32nd). You can use the tap and die chart linked below as a reference is you intend to use a different-sized screw.


2) use the holes in the aluminum connector as a reference to mark where the holes need to be drilled in your glasses frame and then drill two holes that would accommodate a 4-40 screw (a #38 drill bit).

3) using the tap handle and a 4-40 tap, you should tap the aluminum connector. Remember to move slowly, use machine oil (or olive oil if you dont have professional machine lubricants) and clean the hole before trying to insert the screw

4) you can now assemble the pieces. Use washers, lock washers and lock-tite in order to securely attach the connector to the frame. The connector we used has a flat-head set screw that allows us to screw down the aluminum camera arm and secure it tightly to the glasses.