The F12 Button





Introduction: The F12 Button

Hey... this is my first instructable (YAY) so stick with me:)

The F12 button is a powerful button on the computer.  You can change the website name, the color, where everything is, and all that good stuff.  

P.S. I've spent many hours messing around with this... It's entertaining

There is also so much more... but have fun with this for now :)

Step 1: Basics

So you open up the website you want to temporarily change and hit "F12"
Once doing so, there will be a list of stuff on the "Developer Tools"
This is what you will use to change around the website.  

Step 2: Changing the Title

I am using Google for this... but it works for any site.
So open Google, and hit F12
There you will see a section labeled "<Head>
click it, and under it there is <title>Enter what you want here<title>
and... you get a personal title :)

Step 3: Web, Images, Etc...

On Google, at the top there are labels (We, Images, etc...)
Using F12, you can change the size.
When your at the developer tools, go to <Head>, <Style>, and type in any number



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Sorry guys... like i Said im only 13... ya it works on chrome, and internet explorer... and @jquirring thanks... Ill give it a t ry!

You might want to mention wich browser.. Firefox 8 this does not appear to work, but it does under Chrome.


Though it kind of works if the Add-On Firebug is installed. Anyway, it is not good style to assume that what works on your computer will work the same way on any other machine.

it won't work on a mac either because the f12 button changes the volume

im on a dell laptop and the only thing that happens is that it changes the brightness

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