Hello !

So this is the my new gun . That's a machine gun with a true trigger . The big turret in the front of the gun can shoot 9 time . The trigger is easy and the system is simple .


True and easy trigger
Full auto
Look's great
The range is good for a machine gun !


A bit long to reload
Not very compact

So see you my semi-auto VGN 013,


<p>I want to see a video of firing! so we can see if it is truly full auto!</p>
cool thats awsome
That's a simple turret system ( like other machine gun ) , with a crank system and a true trigger ....
It's okay, seems abit overdone though.
Yep. +2
+ OVER 9000.
+ Your face. =)
+ Me Gusta
A video would be nice. Especially for a full auto gun
Is it just a turret design? or does it clip load? or Both??
how well does it shoot
Nice! You should make instructions.

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